Fawn Brittany Griffon

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The Fawn Brittany Griffon is a medium size hound, originating from France. This is one of the most oldest breeds used by hunters since the beginning of the 16 century. The primal prey for these hounds were the wolves, but when most of the wolves were eliminated, the breed was near extinction. Few enthusiasts created a club in 1949 to save the breed.

Since the late 80's the Fawn Brittany Griffon was no more threatened and puppies for sale became more popular in France and other European countries.

Physical characteristics

This is a medium-sized dog, the height is between 48 and 56 cm and the weight is between 16 and 18 kg. The body is muscular and bony. The skull is broad and log with a tapering muzzle. The ears are in line with the eyes, not very long. The neck is muscled and short. The chest is deep and broad. The tail is relatively long, carried high when the dog is active. The coat is shaggy and can be in any color close to fawn or red-brown.

The breed is still not recognized by the American Kennel Club, but is already accepted by UKC and FCI.

Character and behavior

These dogs have fantastic temperaments. They are perfect hunters who can adapt to any terrain. Their hard working nature didn't make them reserved, on the contrary, they are affectionate with people and very sociable.

When hunting, they reveal the typical qualities - courage, cunning, tenacity and stability. They are effective and try to show the best of themselves. When they are well trained, they are obedient and easily perform all tasks.

The Fawn Brittany Griffon is always excited when meeting new people. However, he is alert and will notify you if someone is outside your house. He isn’t capable of showing any aggression, so he is not the perfect watchdog.

Training and education

Eager to please and intelligent, the Fawn Brittany Griffon should be trained through firm and consistent but gentle approach. You should show your puppy that you are the leader of the pack to win his respect from an early age and make him follow your commands.

Health problems

In general, this is a healthy breed. Of course, there are some common issues like: kidney failure, ear infections, reproductive problems and eye problems.

The average life span is about 11 – 14 years.

Grooming and care

The specific shaggy coat requires a regular brushing to remove all the dead hair. You should bathe your pet only when it is necessary. It is recommended to check the dog for burrs and ticks after hunting. We suggest that you pay special attention to the ears to avoid any irritations or infections. The breed sheds relatively moderately.

This is a working breed, so the dog needs a lot of exercise and running. He will appreciate a big yard where he can run and play as long as he want.

Children and other pets

His nice temperament, combined with the natural liveliness, makes him the perfect companion for kids. Representatives of this breed also get along very well with other animals if they were raised with them. Keep in mind that rabbits and other small pets are a prey for this hound.

Interesting facts

An important information, you should take into consideration if you already has chosen this breed: puppies should not have a lot of exercises and long walks in the beginning because this could damage their joints and bones. Running and jumping on stairs should be avoid at all coast until the dog reach at least 9-10 months.

The first owner of a pack of these dogs (in XIV) is considered Mr Huet des Ventes!