Grand Griffon Vendeen

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Homeland of the Grand Griffon Vendeen is western France and first documents for the breed dated from the 16th century. This is actually the first distinct breed of the Griffon Vendeen type, which was used for creating Grand Basset Griffon Vendeen, Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen and Griffon Vendeen Briquet. Representatives of the breed are very energetic, resilient and adaptable. They possess very well developed sense of smell and exceptional hunting skills. They were used for chasing rabbits, deer and boar.

Physical characteristics

This dog has a harmonious physique. The head is long, but not very wide, the skull is slightly convex, so the transition from forehead to muzzle is expressive. The nose is straight, the eyes are large and dark. The ears are thin, set low and covered with hair. The body is elongated and strong. The chest is deep, with a strong and straight back. The limbs are muscular, the feet are not too large with tightly closed toes with thick pads. The tail is set high, rather long, thick at the base, smoothly tapering to the end.

Character and behavior

The Grand Griffon Vendeen is a fearless dog with very pronounced temperament. This breed is durable, hard and sometimes too stubborn. It has natural instincts, passion and energy to hunt. At first, it may be too excited and thrilled - literally difficult to restrain. When hunting takes more than a few hours, the dog may lose interest and therefore it should work not more than half a day. The Grand Griffon Vendeen is strongly attached to its owners, but is a little suspicious of strangers.

Training and education

As mentioned already, the Grand Griffon Vendeen is stubborn and even fickle, which make his education a little bit difficult. Like other wayward dogs, after receiving the command, the Griffon usually doesn't obey and does what he wants. So, you need to be patient with your dog and spend a lot of time and efforts in training. If you want a perfectly trained dog, who will listen to you every single minute, this is not the best choice for sure.

This breed needs a large amount of exercise and mental stimulation. Otherwise the boredom will make your dog even naughtier and uncontrollable. If you do not have enough time and do not want to engage with the wishes of your pet, this breed is not for you. It is better to walk your dog on a leash because there are lots of cases of Griffons escapes.

It is very important to socialize properly your puppy from an early age because this is an independent breed and your dog could have a problematic behavior in the future.

Health problems

These dogs are prone to epilepsy, but are generally very healthy. The average lifespan is about 12-14 years.

Grooming and care

These dogs need more space and a variety of exercises to feel better, so a house with spacious garden or farm is the perfect home for them. Their coat require regular maintenance - carefully brushing at least once a week. Bathing is not recommended unless absolutely necessary. You should trim the nails regularly with a grinder or clipper to avoid cracking, splitting or overgrowth. The ears should be cleaned and checked at least every week to avoid infections. We recommend to brush the teeth of your puppy 3-4 times per week.

Children and other pets

Usually these dogs get along very well with children, but they could heart small kids during play, so do not leave your toddler unattended in the presence of a young Griffon.

We guarantee that all your other pets in the house are perfectly safe.

Interesting facts

In the USA and some European countries puppies for sale of this breed are mostly sought by police and border patrols who than train them for “Mantrailing”.