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In 1891 in Germany was founded an organization known as Phylax. Its aim was to establish standards for the description and registration of the sheepdogs in Germany. Because of the very different views of the members, however, the organization fail to reach consensus how should look the pure breed German Shepherd Dog. Three years later, the organization ceases to exist. This failure motivates one member - Max Emil Friedrich von Stephanitz to work in this direction. In 1890 he purchased property near Grafrat, where he began experimenting with breeding of various dogs, in order to create a good and hard-working animal that will help shepherds.

The breed was created in 1899 by crossing between old German breed dogs used by shepherds and dogs primarily used in the field. It is shown for the first time at an exhibition in 1907 in America. With the increasing popularity of the breed, numerous crosses appeared as well. Among them are the West German Shepherds and Czech, British, North American Shepherd Dogs.

Physical characteristics

German Shepherd dogs are well muscled. The color of their fur has many shades, but the most common are black, gray and brownish-yellow. A healthy dog with a pure family tree has fur with bright and saturated color. Their body is longer than high. Their heads are proportionate, the eyes are black, the ears - sharp edged, facing up. The average height is between 55 and 65 cm and the weight – 22 to 40 kg.

Character and behavior

Dogs of this breed are known for their devotion and sacrifice for the family that cares for them. They protect their owners risking their own lives, while being disciplined, smart, playful and distrustful of strangers.

These beautiful animals are patient, adaptable, possessing self-confidence and self-esteem. Dogs of this breed have a character that particularly binds them with the human family. The German Shepherd brings together the best qualities of all dog breeds. It is faithful, very vibrant and durable dog with a developed intellect, incorruptible, brave, ready to defend its master at the cost of his life. There have a well-developed defensive reflex, extremely strong sense of smell and excellent hearing. Their innate sense of struggle and patience, make them invaluable to the police, border patrols, customs officers and the army. It is an indispensable guide for blind people, a savior of the buried by an avalanche or an earthquake. In some countries they are still used to guard flocks of sheep. The German Shepherd is a very clean animal. The balanced nervous system, selfless devotion and love make it desirable occupant of any home.

Training and education

German Shepherds are very athletic and highly intelligent. They can learn almost anything. Only the most intelligent dogs can master their impulses and be effective in the arrests. Among them are German Shepherds. They have one of the most powerful bites. With the bite force of 17 kg, they are ranked second after Rottweilers. When its jaws closed, the 6 upper and 6 lower incisors form a devastating bite.

These are very patient dogs, adoring lessons of training and the most of all the voice commands.

Health problems

Each German Shepherd is unique, but in general, this is a healthy breed. They are prone to Hip dysplasia, swelling, problems with the pancreas, epilepsy, eye problems and heart disease. Both parents of your puppy should have OFA and CERF certificates. The average life expectancy is about 14 years.

Grooming and care

This dog is known for its adaptability. You can grow it in the apartment as long as you provide it with frequent walks. This is a wonderful family dog, but strangers should be careful – these shepherds jealously guard what they considered their pack or family.

Probably every owner would say - "My house is full of hair." This is no accident, as the German Shepherds are heavy shedders. Regular brushing and bathing will keep the hair healthy and in excellent condition.

Children and other pets

These dogs get along perfectly with children and are very patient with them. This does not apply to foreign and unfamiliar faces.

Interesting facts

The dog is also known by the name "Alsatian breed". According to statistics, more than 8,000 police dogs are German Shepherds. One of the most popular dogs of this breed is Reks from the German TV series. Puppies for sale of this breed are among the most sought in the world.