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The Miniature Bull Terrier was created by crossing smaller Bull Terriers. Representatives of the breed have all the best qualities of their bigger relatives. They originated from Britain and like many other terriers at the time, were used for hunting rats, which in the last century has been kind of "sport". In the past people thought that the small size is transmitted genetically. Today, the practice shows that a miniature Bull Terrier can have a litter with standard puppies and vice versa. The main problem with the selection of these dogs is to keep the head in the form that typical for the standard version. For the first time this breed was registered in the AKC in 1991.

Physical characteristics

The Miniature Bull Terrier has a massive, highly compact, muscled physique. The head is long, egg-shaped - with a characteristic protruding upper line of the profile. The muzzle is strong and powerful with healthy teeth and scissor bite. The nose is large, black, with well-developed nostrils. The ears are set high, small, triangular in shape, protruding upward. The eyes are narrow, slanting sideways, with dark coloring. The neck is of medium length, strongly muscled. The chest is broad and deep, the back is short, straight and tight. The fur is short, dense, straight and shiny. Coloration can be white with a silver tint and white with black spots on the head. Also allowed are speckled, spotted and tiger colors. The height is about 40 - 50 centimeters, and the weight is between 20 and 34 kg.

Character and behavior

Miniature Bull Terriers are lively and very playful. Most representatives of this breed get along very well with strangers, therefore they are not very good guards, although some of them will bark when they feel that something is wrong.

They are strongly attached to their owners and love their attention. Loneliness can make them apathetic.

Training and education

Miniature Bull Terriers are exact copies of the standard dogs, the difference is only in height and body mass. Dogs of this breed are extremely energetic, they love to play all kinds of games with you.

You should be strict in training, because they can be very independent and stubborn. Aggressive behavior toward humans is uncharacteristic of the breed, although people think the opposite. These dogs will do great with any task due to their high intelligence and a constant desire to keep busy.

You need to know that early socialization is extremely important to avoid the risk of an unwanted behavior. These puppies need plenty of attention and love. Remember that they need long daily walks.

Health problems

The life span of the Miniature Bull Terrier is around 11-14 years, and there are several health issues you should know about. These are: cardio - vascular problems, eye problems, seizures, skin problems and allergies to certain medicines and drugs. Overall, this is a healthy breed. Both parents of all puppies for sale should have BAER, OFA and CERF certificates.

Grooming and care

The maintenance requirements are really low. All you need to do is to comb his hair from time to time to keep it in good condition. The Miniature Bull Terrier coat falls a lot, so this breed is not very suitable for people who suffer from allergies.

Children and other pets

Miniature Bull Terrier gets along well with most animals, but you should be very careful when there are cats nearby. As for the children,the representatives of this breed love the company of kids, especially when they are kind and gentle, because like most dogs, the Miniature Bull Terrier does not like rough kneading and squeezing.

Interesting facts

The first Miniature Bull Terrier Club was founded by Colonel Glynn in 1931 (according to some sources - in 1933). The first studbook is written the same year.