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Brittany Spaniel (French: Épagneul Breton, in Breton: Brittany Wiegref), also called American Brittany and Brittany Pointer, is a breed of dogs originating from the French province of Bretagne. It belongs to the hunting dogs, specifically to spaniels. It was founded in the early 19th century. Much like the Pointer and the Setter.

For birth place of Brittany spaniels is considered the small town Kalak, where they were used for hunting by the locals. These dogs were first recognized as a breed in 1907 when a white and orange male named "Boy" was registered in France. The first standards were written in the same year.

Today this is a very popular breed that can be found in many places in the world. The American Kennel Club recognized it in 1934.

Physical characteristics

The Brittany Spaniel is 45-55 cm tall and weighs 12-18 kg. He has a beautiful, soft and dense fur. According to the breed standard, colors can be reddish-white or tan and white, although there are dogs with tricolor coat. The ears are dropping on both sides of the head, his expression is alert and confident. Normally tails are short. If a puppy is born with a long tail, it must be cut according to the breed standard.

Character and behavior

The Brittany Spaniel is loyal, happy and eager. He possesses a lot of energy and loves games. Thanks to their high intelligence, Brittany spaniels are susceptible to all kinds of training, making them suitable for people with experience in growing dogs and for those without. They are very fond of human company and like to be the center of attention. You should not ignore them - boredom can lead to bad behavior on their part. Sensitive by nature, the Brittany Spaniel loves his master, but is also independent, energetic and playful.

Training and education

This is very clever and sometimes wayward dog and must be trained from an early age. When it comes to hunting training, you should practice with your pet every single day.

Usual commands like "Come!" "Sit down!", "Get down!", "Fetch!", "Run!" and "Together" will be easily remembered.

Health problems

The Brittany Spaniel lives about 12 years. Many health problems can affect the dog - spinal issues, HD, seizures, glaucoma, liver problems, heart problems and others. Adults must have OFA and CERF health certificates.

Grooming and care

Maintenance requirements are relatively high. The soft hair needs brushing twice a week, and in „falling” seasons – more often.

This breed is preferred by hunters as it has excellent qualities for tracking animals. However, they are dogs that fit perfectly in every family. Their size makes them suitable for living in a house or apartment.

They are very energetic dogs and need regular long walks. Perhaps our hectic life in which led to a reduction of these beautiful dogs that require a little more care.

Children and other pets

The Brittany Spaniel loves children, especially small ones, and get along well with other animals, but he needs early socialization. Among strangers might be shy. His love for the owners makes him a good guard. Overall the Brittany Spaniel is suitable for people who can devote enough time to him.

Interesting facts

Many owners of Brittany Spaniels differ two distinct types - American Brittany Spaniel and French Brittany Spaniel. If you are looking for puppies for sale, you should know that French dogs are more like spaniels and are smaller than their American brothers. According to USA standards these two types are recognized as two separate species, but according to other canine organizations, including the FCI, the two versions are part of the same breed.