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The Swedish Lapphund (Svensk Lapphund) is about 7000 years old breed, evidence of which is the skeleton of a dog, found in the extreme north of Norway. This is the oldest Swedish breed. This type of dog is also popular in Finland and Denmark, where puppies for sale are sought after by hunters and farmers. As its name indicates, its homeland is Laponia where it helped the locals to survive by hunting northern foxes, deers, bears, etc. This dog has been used by the Sami for a guard and shepherd dog. Today only about 100 dogs are born per year. They are wonderful family pets.

The FCI recognized the breed in 1944. It is appreciated for its incredible qualities and especially for its obedience.

Physical characteristics

The Swedish Lapphound is a typical Spitz with slightly below average size. Its body forms a rectangle. The length of the dog's head is slightly greater than the width. The muzzle is stronger and thinner towards the end. The eyes are wide apart, round, fairly large and brown, preferably dark brown. The ears are triangular, small and protruding upward, the apex is rounded. The dog's tail is set high. It carries it tucked back when in motion.

The fur is double and hearty. The lower layer coat is thick and slightly curly. The coat forms a kind of collar around the dog's neck. Basically, it is monochromatic black with some shades of bronze, and in earlier times was even brown. Allowed are white markings on chest, feet and tip of tail.

Males are high between 45 and 51 cm, and females - between 40 and 46 cm. The weight of the dog varies between 15 and 20 kg.

Character and behavior

The Swedish Lapphound is a lively and friendly dog, nice and always vigilant, which is understandable when considered that it is inherently a watchdog. It is multifunctional and very durable.

This dog is clever, courageous, calm and has a strong will. It is fun and loves to please its master. Some blame this dog for barking a lot, but actually it is because of its instinct as a guard. It is not aggressive and never bites.

Training and education

Because the Swedish Lapphound is a very smart and executive dog, it is easy to train, quickly learns commands and is always ready to perform. However, the dressage needs to be consistent and firm. The dog is very emotional and dislikes bickering.

Grooming and care

The Swedish Lapphound is not capricious and requires no special maintenance. It is enough to comb every 2-3 days with a metal brush. This dog adapts very well to life in an apartment. It is quiet, not violent and does not like to be left alone for a long time, besides watching over the family.

Still, you need to spend your energy and if you live in urban environments, it is better to walk at least twice a day for a long time and to create conditions for the exercise. The dog will feel best if you live in a house with a yard.

Health problems

This is a healthy breed, but some representatives are prone to hip dysplasia. The Swedish Lapphound is not a big glutton, but likes to "beg" next to the table of its masters. You must not succumb to this because the dog can create bad habits.

Average lifespan is about 12 years.

Children and other pets

The Swedish Lapphound is suitable for growing in all families, even those with small children. This dog can live with other animals without a problem. It likes to play with children and sometimes is as a toy for them.

Interesting facts

It is believed that all Spitz breeds in Europe, originated from the Lapphound.