Bosnian coarse haired Hound called Barak

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The word "Barack" in Turkish means "rough" or "shaggy". It is believed that the ancestors of the Bosnian Barak are St. Hubert beagles, who lived in the Abbey of St. Hubert in the 17th century. According to another theory, the breed is descended from dogs Molossian. Unfortunately the true origin of Barak can't be proven since there aren't enough documents. Another legend states that during the 19th century Bosnian hunters needed a dog that can withstand severe climatic and environmental conditions, and to be quick and nimble. Such is the Bosnian Barak, who can endure to very low temperatures.

In the past, they called them Illyrian hounds. In 1965 the breed was officially recognized by the International dog community, and in 1973 the name was changed to Bosnian coarse-haired Hound, Unfortunately, this breed is still quite rare and puppies for sale are hard to find outside Bosnia.

Physical characteristics

This dog has rough and hard coat with hair length about 10cm and shorter and soft undercoat. The Bosnian Barak has well developed mustaches and beard. The height at the withers is 46-56 cm and the weight - 16-24 kg. The color of the coat is reddish-yellow, gray-black, wheat, yellow and earthy-gray. White spots can be seen on the tail, head, legs and the lower part of the neck.

Character and behavior

The versatility of the Bosnian Barak during hunting is related to his personality. This accommodating dog with nice character feels great in the family environment. Many farmers think that Bosnian Barak should be used primarily for hunting. The zeal of that dog can occur even in the garage or in the flower bed, but in truth, this is not always a good idea.

Training and education

Barack is a beautiful puppy who likes to be around people. Your pet will do anything you ask of him, but remember that during training, he can easily distract and relax. This breed is calm and perceived quite normal criticism and instruction. Keep in mind that it is in his nature to hunt.

This breed reacts only to nice behavior and food rewards and dislike commands, which are said in a loud voice or followed by physical abuse.

Health problems

The most common health issues are: hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, eye problems and patellar luxation.

The average life expectancy of the breed is from 10 to 14 years.

Grooming and care

Brush his coat twice a week - preferably with a stiff brush. You should also clean his teeth and ears to prevent various infections.

It is a difficult task to satisfy the Bosnian coarse-haired Hound's need for physical activity. The daily walk should be at least an hour, but this dog would prefer other activities like running and games.

Keep your Barak on a leash cause he is a real threat to stray animals. Taking into consideration the need of space of the Bosnian Coarse-Haired Hound should get, it is more appropriate to raise him in the countryside or at least in a house with huge yard with a high fence.

Children and other pets

Bosnian Barak gets along well with children. He will not attack other home pets or dogs, but if he feels in danger will definitely oppose.

You can safely rely on it to guard your home because he is very faithful and vigilant. In the event of danger will definitely bark to warn you.

Interesting facts

It is interesting to know that Bosnian Barak is the ancestor of hunting dogs, owned by French kings Louis IX and Louis XIV.