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Home of this breed is Japan and it appears in the list of national treasures of this country. The Kishuis one of the six native Japanese Spitz dogs. They originated from the regionKishu (now known as Mie and Wakayama prefectures). Today, they are very rare worldwide. Kishu Ken is an intelligent dog that was previously used for hunting deers and wild boars, an outstanding assistant for every hunter. The representatives of this breed are distinguished as really good shepherd dogs that easily cope with the hard work.

Physical characteristics

The average height of these dogs is between 43 and 55 cm, the weight is around 13-27 kg. The coloration can be red, sesame or white.The nose is black, but dogs with white hair usually have pink or brown noses. The coat is straight, and coarse, the ears are small, inclined forward. Kishu has a very strong, well muscled body, straight legs and elegant figure. It can run for hours in different terrain, swim, jump and hunt in any weather conditions.

Character and behavior

The Kishu is friendly, loyal, calm and thoughtful, a wonderful companion. Attached exclusively to onefamily member, although he behaves well with everyone. These dogs are a little bit headstrong, but are extremely devoted to their family. Kishu Kens are very curious and you can often see your pet climbing high in the house to observe everything that is going on. They are very intelligent animals with an incomparable strong will. They are also known with their incredible protective instincts.

Training and education

These dogs are willful and headstrong, so an early training is a must. You should be persistent and patient to achieve good results. Keep in mind that some representatives of the breed can become shy, so you should start the socialization of your pup from the moment it enters your home. Kishu Kens are intelligent, housebroken, loyal and devoted to their family.

Health problems

The breed is distinguished with great health and the life expectancy is around 11-13 years. There is not enough data for the genetic issues but there are some problems like thyroid issues, gastro-intestinal issues and allergies.

Grooming and care

The apartments are not suitable homes for these dogs as they need more space and a lot of movement to expend their energy. It is important that training starts from an early age, as well as their socialization, it is imperative to educate using entirely positive methods with a lot of patience and praise. It isnecessary to show your puppy who is the boss, otherwise you may have problems with his dominant nature.

The coat only needs combing that can be done once per week.

Children and other pets

The Kishu behaves great with children, especially if they grew up together. The same goes for its behavior towards other pets, but this dog is not a good company for smaller pets, because of its strong hunting instincts. It is suspicious of strangers, but not aggressive.

Interesting facts

The Kishu is registered in the American Kennel Club, the Japan Kennel Club (JKC) and the Nihonken Hozonkai.

Since the breed is extremely rare in Europe and North America, you may find puppies for sale only in its homeland and some neighboring countries.

There is a legend saying that this dog is descendant of wolves. Long time ago a hunter found an injured wolf on the side of a road in Japan. He saved the animal and in return asked the wolf to give him one of his puppies some day. This pup is the great grandfather of the modern Kishu Ken.