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The Italian Corso dog, also known as Cane Corso, comes from the ancient Roman Danes. Corso means a strong and energetic protector and is not an indication of origin, as many people think it is a dog from Corsica. Modern representatives of the breed comes from northern Italy. Closest to them is the Neapolitan Mastiff. Over the centuries Cane Corso were used by Italians for sheep and hunting dog. It was excellent for hunting bears. In ancient times dogs of this breed were also used during gladiator fights, and were assistants of Roman legionnaires during hostilities. Despite its ancient origins the breed was officially recognized only recently - in 1983. Cane Corso has retained the qualities of its ancestors - this is faithfully and boldly dog who would sacrifice his life to protect you. This dog is reluctant to unmotivated aggression and is known for the balanced character. That's what has made them a preferred breed for security. In the 70's of the last century the breed was about to disappear, but thanks to efforts of the breeders in Italy, these magnificent dogs are preserved.

Cane Corso puppies for sale are among the rarest and most expensive in the world. This breed is often associated it with the Sicilian Mafia. In the US, Canada and Australia Cane Corso is used to guard offices, elite bars and restaurants, and expensive jewelry shops, private villas and homes.

Physical characteristics

Male representatives of the breed are 64 to 68 cm high, females - 60 to 64 cm. The weight reaches 50 kg. Cane Corso is a large dog with a strong musculature. The length of the body is slightly stretched and is greater than the height. The head is broad, with convex forehead. The jaws are powerful, upper lips slightly hang over them. The eyes are round, slightly convex and dark. The ears are triangular and dropping, but will generally be cropped in the shape of a triangle. The coat is short, clinging to the body and shiny. Acceptable colors are black, dark and light gray, dark reddish, tiger and orange.

Character and behavior

In Italy, the breed has established itself as "mafia dog", because of its character just like a member of the Cosa Nostra - attached and loving to all members of the family, and cruel to all who try to hurt them. The dog possesses a calm nature and inspire respect. Cane Corso obeys to all family members, but selects only one of them for his master and takes his word for indisputable law.

Training and education

The training of Cane Corso might encounter some problems since at a young age these dogs are trying to dominate their owner. The puppy will execute commands only if trained by a peaceful but powerful man. From the first day you must show your puppy. Overall, dogs of the breed Cane Corso are very intelligent and learn to execute commands very quickly. That's why they are preferred service dogs. You should be aware that even well-trained Cane Corso can show aggression to a stranger, so it is recommended to walk your pet on a leash.

Health problems

Among the most common diseases of the Cane Corso is hip dysplasia. Do not force a dog of this breed to run long distances before the age of 18 months, as this can seriously damage his joints. Cane Corso is susceptible of certain genetically determined diseases, among which are stomach bloating, food allergies, epilepsy, disorders of the thyroid gland, the eversion of lids. The lifespan of the representatives of the breed is around 10-14 years.

Grooming and care

It is best if you can provide a spacious courtyard for your dog. But you should consider that if a stranger comes into your yard, the dog will most likely attack him because they will defend their territory. You should consider that if the winter is very cold, the house of the Cane Corso must be well insulated to not catch a cold. The coat of the Cane Corso does not fall much. It is sufficient to clean the coat with a damp cloth to remove the dead hairs. You can also comb it with a very thick brush. What your puppy really needs is regular exercise.

Children and other pets

The Cane Corso loves children and could play with them all day long. It will never attack without a reason. Although it looks pretty creepy and inspires respect and sometimes fear, Cane Corso is a very kind animal and would never hurt any of the children of the owner. It is not possible to trick the Cane Corso with food, since for him the protection of the family is above everything.

Interesting facts

In ancient times, these dogs were used to fighting with bears and lions. The standard of the breed is determined by the external signs of a Cane Corso named Boris. In western Europe the dogs of the breed are often used for night guard of elite boutiques. It is also a favorite among oil tycoons.