Kerry Blue Terrier

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The history of the Kerry Blue Terrierbreedis quite interesting. In 1588 the Spanish Armada of Philip II tried to defeat the British navy, surrounded Britain from the north, where fell into a terrible stormnear the coast of Ireland. Many of the ships sunk. From those, on the British bank emerged astonishing in their beauty and very resourceful long haired dogs like poodles. Later they were subsequently crossbred with local working terriers. The Kerry Blue Terrier has always been an integral part of rural life of Southern Ireland - guarded home, watched the children, destroyed rats, etc.

Physical characteristics

The typical Blue Terrier should be upright, well built and proportioned dog with an apparently well-developed, muscular body and definite terrier style.

The puppies are born black (in whole or white spot / strip most often in the chest area), the color of the coat is changed to blue (different shades of gray-blue and silver gray) between the 9th and the 24th month. It is believed that the earlier start the hanging, the lighter will be the hair. The coat is soft, plentiful and wavy. The color may be blue in all shades, with or without blackheads. Black and shades of tan are eligible only for over 18 months. The height of the females is currently stationed around 43 - 48 cm, while the male is between 45 - 50 cm. Weight in females around 13 - 16 kg, while the male is about 16 - 19 kg.

Character and behavior

The Kerry Blue Terrier is a loving, gentle and sociable dog, brave and disciplined, characterized by remarkable durability. Kerry Blue Terrier is not a dog for everyone. It needs the love of its owner, but also a firm hand. Barks very little and never threaten any wildlife or people, while at the same time is very loving, gentle and devoted dog. An important part of raising a Kerry is ensuring an early social environment to develop a well balanced character. These dogs are excellent caretakers of the home, but can sometimes be even too good as guards.

Training and education

This dog is easy to tame and always tries to please its master. Distinguished by its unusual intelligence and with good care can maintain its amazing vitality and mobility forlife. It needs attention and understanding, you should use only positive methods in training. As representatives of this breed can be quite stubborn at times, their owners should have experience in breeding dogs. Patience and praise are the keys to success.

Health problems

The life expectancy of this breed is 12 to 16 years. Both parents of all puppies for sale, should have OFA and CERF certificates. The most common health issues are: HD, cataracts, benign cyst, skin problems, thyroid problems, allergies and blood pressure problems.

Grooming and care

The Kerry Blue Terrier can be grown in an apartment, but needs regular and long walks to feel good.

Maintenance requirements are quite high, so you should be prepared to work a lot to keep the fur of your pet shining and soft. You need to comb the hair of the Kerry each week. The coat on the bottom must be trimmed, cleaned and kept dry for hygienic reasons. The fur on the body also needs a haircut from time to time. Check the ears regularly to avoid the risk of infection. The coat of the Kerry Blue Terrier has no specific "dog" smell, making it suitable for people suffering from allergies. This breed is not demanding to food and without any problems can tolerate a long journey by plane, train or car.

Children and other pets

The Kerry Blue Terrier does not get along very well with other dogs and especially with cats. When it comes to strangers, things are the same way. Your Kerry sometimes can be very welcoming and hospitable, sometimes will be reserved. These dogs are perfect companions for kind and well educated children. Keep in mind that these puppies have a strong sense of ownership, especially when it comes to food or toys.

Interesting facts

The breed has a brilliant exhibition career as well - first it appeared on the most prestigious dog show in the UK(and in the world) Crufts back in 1922. In the same year, the Kerry Blue Terrier was registered in AKC, and three years later was founded a club of the breed.