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Italian Short-haired Hound is a hunting dog. This is an ancient breed known for centuries. It comes from a mix of ancient Celtic and Phoenician hunting dogs. Very little has changed from the Roman era to the present day. Its lineage can be traced to the dogs in Ancient Egypt. Latin texts show that even then Italian Short-haired Hound was used for hunting.

The best period for the breed was during the Renaissance, when were improved the appearance and the hunting qualities of the Italian Short-haired Hound. Almost a twin of this breed is the Italian Coarse-haired Hound. The differences between the two strains are mainly in the length and type of hair. The Short-haired Hound's coat is shinier and resembles a fiber glass. All other qualities - physical and moral - of the Italian Short-haired Hound are almost the same as in the Italian Coarse-haired Hound. Another difference is that the Short-haired Hound's legs are better developed and the hair doesn't hide the beautiful lines of this dog. This kind of Italian Hound looks exquisite.

The standard is the same in both versions.

This breed primarily hunts rabbits and can do it on any terrain. Many are adept at hunting in dense undergrowth. The Italian Short-haired Hound is one of the largest breeds in Italy and occupies one of the first places among the hunting dogs in this country.

This is one of the first breeds recognized by the Italian Kennel Club, founded in Milan in 1882. In 1989 the International Dog Federation recognizes its two varieties. In the mid-20th century, these two Italian breeds reminded us of their excellent quality and beauty.

Physical characteristics

The Italian Short-haired Hound is a healthy, muscled, medium sized dog. The height is between 48 and 56 cm, and the weight - from 19 to 28 kg. The harmonious, well built and muscular body allows him to chase rabbits from dawn to dusk without a break. The head is narrow and elongated, the forehead is flat and covered with thin skin. The nose of these dogs is black with wide nostrils, the lips are thin and black. The jaws strong, the teeth are white, well-aligned. The eyes are almond-shaped, large and dark with mild expression. The ears are long, flat, with a triangle form. The neck is thin, without dewlap. The lips are thin and black.

The coat of the Italian Short-haired Hound is thick, rough, except on the head, ears, tail and snout, and shall not exceed 15 cm. The color is dark reddish-black Sable or only ginger. White spots on the muzzle and head, neck are allowed. These hounds possess highly developed sense of smell and hearing.

The Italian Short-haired Hound adapts easily to hunt in different areas and is fast and durable.

Character and behavior

This is a sociable, obedient and quiet dog. It binds strongly with all family members. The Italian Short-haired Hound is a tireless and persistent hunter that loves to swim. If your puppy start fidgeting, this means that it is not getting enough physical and psychological exercise.

Training and education

Training must be done gently, because this breed cannot cope with harsh penalties. Caresses and praise have greater effect. Training should be conducted only by its master to whom it feels boundless love.

The dog will be happy if it can occasionally hunt, especially with its master. The training should start from an early age.

Health problems

The Italian Short-haired Hound is a healthy dog. The coat protects it from all weather conditions. Regular physical activities are a major factor for its healthy existence and good physical shape. The life expectancy is between 11 and 15 years.

Grooming and care

Many people choose puppies for sale of this breed because the Italian Short-haired Hound does not require a special care. You may brush the hair from time to time with an acute brush. Bathe only if really needed. This dog needs regular exercise, but can adapt well to live in an apartment.

Children and other pets

Despite being a hunting dog, the Italian Short-haired Hound is a wonderful pet. At home it is quiet, kind and friendly. Patiently treats children and is not aggressive towards other dogs. However, if you have cats in the house, they are in danger.

Interesting facts

If given to new owners, the Italian Short-haired Hound will refuse to execute commands and sometimes it could take years to get used to the new family. This dog will never forget its first owner.