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The breed originates from Croatia and more specifically from the Istria region. It was created in the 19th century from crosses between Istrian Short-haired Hounds and French Griffon Vendeen. The main purpose of these dogs was hunting foxes and rabbits. This is one of the oldest breeds in the Balkans and therefore it is difficult to be traced back in time. It is more a hunting dog than a pet. During the World War II this breed has almost completely disappeared.

It was recognized by the International Dog Federation in 1948 and the first standard for the breed was published in 1969.

Physical characteristics

The Istrian Coarse Haired Hound is a medium-sized hunting dog with a noble and elegant posture. It has a harmonious and well developed body, durable and well built. Its coat consists of two layers. It is resistant to weathering. The top layer coat is of medium length straight hair (5-10 cm), sharp and shiny. The bottom layer is short and thick. Its coloration is usually snow white.

The skull of the dog is rounded, the frontal bone is wide enough. The stop is not well defined. The jaw is strong and square. This hound has a broad chest, rounded tail, broad and slightly sloping croup. The back is straight and wide. The feet are small, but healthy. His gait is alive and lightweight. The head is 20-25 cm long. The ears are usually orange. They are rounded and hang stuck to the cheeks. The nose is dark, the eyes are large and dark with bushy eyebrows. The tail is strong and somewhat in the shape of a sword. This dog looks strictly and gloomy. The voice is clear and solid.

The ideal size for males is 52 cm and for females - 50 cm. The length of the body is 10% bigger than its height. The average weight of the Istrian Coarse Haired Hound is around 20 kg.

Character and behavior

This is a hunting dog and you could expect traits like determination, perseverance and playfulness. If the hound is trained properly, it will become obedient and kind, and will be very affectionate to its master and family. The Istrian Coarse Haired Hound is hardworking dog, full of energy when outside, and quiet at home. Representatives of the breed love to bark.

Training and education

Since this hound possess a strong character, the training should be firm and consistent. Your puppy needs space and exercise. You must show who is the master to conduct patient and continuous education.

Health problems

With a good care an Istrian Hound can live up to 15 years. You must take your dog to regular check-ups cause its eyes and ears are prone to inflammation. Otherwise, this is a very healthy animal without any specific problems.

Grooming and care

It is recommended to wash and clean the hair of your pet after every walk or hunt. Daily brushing is also a must. It is better to make longer trips and daily physical exercises. Your pet will appreciate games and other activities in open space.

Children and other pets

The Istrian Coarse Haired Hound is friendly and loves to play with children. With good training, it will get along well with other dogs. However, you must observe your pet when there are small animals around.

Interesting facts

The most famous description of the breed was made by B. Laska in his two books, published in 1896 and 1905.

Puppies for sale of this breed are easy to find in Croatia and Slovenia and are mostly sought by professional trainers, who prepare them for big competitions in Agility and other sports.

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