Schiller Hound

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The Shiller Hound, also known asSchillerstovare, originates from Sweden, where in the late 1800’s a young farmer wanted to create the perfect dog for hunting foxes and hare. The dog is a cross breed between a Swiss, German and Austrian hounds. Unconfirmed information tells that the breed descends from ancient hounds. The Shiller Hound is known to be one of the most popular hunting dogs in Sweden, but it is hard to see one outside the country.

Physical characteristics

The Shiller Hound is quite a muscular dog, well-proportioned and athletic. Medium in size, its body is rectangular and its torso is a bit longer than the tail. Males should be between 53-61cm in height and females between 49-57cm. The representatives of the breed weight around 18-24kg. TheSchillerstovare has a thick undercoat. Coat on the head is short and would feel harsh if touched,lying perfectly close to the body. Hair on the head, ears and front of legs is smoother than a hair of the rest of the body. Coloring of dogs coat is tan, fawn or ginger with a saddle black mantle covering the back and side parts of the neck. There can be black marks on the cheeks and also white marking on the chest and toes. The head is triangular when viewed from up front, muzzle is long, ears are soft, flat hanging and would fall close to the cheeks.

Character and behavior

The Shiller Hound is a very intelligent, lively and attentive dog.The breed requires lots of physical activity and tends to form a great bond with its owner. They are very affectionate and loyal, so they make a perfect family companion. They are quite attentive to their owners, but tend to be a one person dog. Dogs of this breed prefer to be indoors rather than in kennels, as they are not pack oriented dogs. When inside the home the Schillerstovare are calm and caring. They are not quite fond of children, but they would be patient and tolerant towards them. Early socialization with varieties of people, especially children, is very important. They don’t trust strangers, but it is not very likely to bite them. Their barking would alert you from far away, so they make very good watch dogs, but their nature is gentle and that would prevent them from being a good guard dog.

Training and education

Have in mind that the Shiller Hound is not a very good choice for people who have not had a dog, as they are dominant and may try to control their weaker and not that experienced owner. They are ready to obey and learn commands, but are also dominant and can be very stubborn. If you are looking for the puppies for sale you need to be ready to devote a lot of time with the pup. An approach needs to be gentle and with caring, harsh attitude would only make the dog resistant to the trainer.

Health problems

Mostly there are no health issues you should be worried about concerning the Schillerstovare. The dogs do not have any major genetic conditions and live a healthy and fulfilling life of about 12 to 15 years.

Grooming and care

Grooming requirements are set to a minimum. The dog should be brushed to remove the loose hairat least once a week. Brushing after the hunt is importantif the dog goes hunting,also do not forget to check its ears and feet for debris or mites which the dog could have picked along the way. Dogs ears should be checked and cleaned regularly. Bathing is unnecessary as their coat protects them from the elements.

Children and other pets

The Shiller Hound should not be trusted with smaller pets as their hunting instinct may trigger. Concerning other dogs they are not aggressive, though they might try to control them. Early socialization with children is important.

Interesting facts

Swedish Schiller Bracke owners are not interested in selling these dogs. But when they do, they want to make sure that their new owner would make it a hunting dog. The breed is very rare outside Sweden.