English Foxhound

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The English Foxhound is an ancient breed whose modern appearance of a perfect dog for hunting foxes was created only in the 19th century. Until then, since the Middle Ages, the main object of hunting with hounds in England was the deer. Home of the English Foxhound is Britain. For the first time this breed was registered in the AKC in 1909.

Physical characteristics

The modern English Foxhound is one of the shortest hounds. He is a muscular and athletic dog with insightful expression. The fur is straight, thick and hard enough. Coloration varies, it is primarily light pale yellow, gray, black with red spots, black and silver. The eyes are medium sized, alive and determined. The ears are pending, high, medium length. The female representatives of this breed weight about 27 - 43 kg, while the male - about 34 - 43 kg. Their height varies between 60 and 66 cm.

Character and behavior

Cheerful, friendly and energetic, the English Foxhound is a breed characterized by poise, sociability and kindness. These dogs are mobile and energetic, making them excellent friends and companions, although it may take some time to educate them. The English Foxhound can be very independent and willful creature, therefore they are suitable for people who have more experience in growing dogs.

This is very energetic, curious, happy and social dog and can be a very pleasant companion. Some representatives of the breed like to explore the environment around and are sometimes noisy, which will not appeal to everyone.

Training and education

The dressage of an English Foxhound may not be one of the easiest things that you have encountered, so our advice is to load yourself with patience and confidence. Positive methods, tranquility and strong will are all key factors in the education of your new puppy.

Health problems

The life span of these dogs, who are known for their durability and strength, is about 10-12 years. There are few typical diseases of the breed: problems with the pancreas, kidney issues and Hip dysplasia. The parents of all the puppies for sale should have certificates OFA and CERF.

Grooming and care

The English Foxhound needs space, walks, fresh air, a lot of movement and a variety of exercises, so it is not a good idea to grow it in an apartment. This dog's hair doesn't fall a lot, making him a good choice for people suffering from allergies. The requirements for maintenance of the coat of this breed are not very high, combing occasionally is enough to keep the coat of your pet clean and shiny. The ears should always be clean and dry, due to hygienic reasons and to avoid the risk of infections.

Children and other pets

The English Foxhound likes the company of other dogs and gets along quite well with them. You must be careful when there are small animals around, especially if you did not socialized your pet as a little puppy. This animal is extremely nice with children, but you should keep in mind that the size and the enormous amount of energy raging in the foxhound may be a bit too much for small kids. Dogs of this breed can be friendly or aloof to strangers, but will bark whenever they smell any danger and this makes them excellent guards.

Interesting facts

One interesting but sad fact is that a lot of hunters put their dogs down when they reached 6-7 years of age, this is the time they supposedly are not effective any more. Today, many foxhounds are "retired" and put in shelters.

The most difficult command to teach an English foxhound is "come"? These dogs have a high drive to chase prey and get very easily distracted.

The English Foxhound became very popular after the movie, "The Fox and the Hound". Many children suddenly started to like the breed and wanted it as a pet.