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The Affenpinscher breed originated from Germany where it is known as "monkey terrier", and in France it is called "The little devil with the moustaches" ("diablotin moustachu").

The Affenpinscher is small and old breed, known to people since the 17th century. In the beginning he was considered as a farm dog, mostly used to chase mice and only later it became a typical urban dog living in the apartment.

Physical characteristics

The average weight of an Affenpinscher adult dog is 2.9 to 6.0 kg (FCI - to 4 kg AKC–3-4 kg) and height - 23-30 cm (FCI–25-28 cm, AKC–23-29 cm).

The head is rounded and hairy in a manner that gives these dogs an ape form, especially when they are still puppies . The muzzle is short andpointed, the nose is black.

The eyes of the Affenpinscher breed dogsare large, round and brilliant black. Eyebrows and the hair around the eyes and head form whiskers, beard and "hood".

The ears are small and set high. The tail is curled over the back.

Character and behavior

The Affenpinscher is very active, courageous dog with a great character. Although it get along with other dogs and puppies, his great courage sometimes leads to dangerous situations with larger breeds. Unlike most terriers, Affenpinscher dogs will not hesitate to confront other animals or human to protect their families. Of course size does not help them at all. The lively, bold and independent character makes him a good pet.

Despite their good intentions, these dogs may become more aggressive if they feel threatened or attacked.

Training and education

Affenpinschers are suitable for people who have little experience in growing dogs. They are perfect for families living in apartments . Both puppies and older dogs of this breed love games and are very suitable for people with a sense of humor.

Affenpinschers are quick learners, but it is desirable to establish a system ofvaried tasks because these dogs are easily bored. The Affenspincher should understand from the start that you are his leader.

The Affenpinscher dog needs daily walks.While out on the walk the dog must be made to heel beside or behind the person holding the lead. Playing games and running will fulfill their exercise needs, but walking is in the Affenpinscher's nature.

Health problems

The Affenpinscher is a healthy and strong dog. However, the breed have some health problems mostly with heart, knees and kidneys. There could be also respiratory problems in hot weather.

Average life expectancy of dog is about 10 to 12 years but with additional care, regular health tests and suitable weather conditions the Affenpinscher could live up to 14-15 years.

Grooming and care

The coat of the Affenpinscher should be brushed at least 1-2 times a week. Short hairstyles are not advisable but hair around the ears, feet and eyes could be clipped to reduce irritation. Exhibition dogs may need a regular haircut during a period of several months.

In general coat maintenance is relatively easy.Regular brushing reduces coat fall which is good for people with allergies.

It is important to know that some Affenpinschers puppies and even grown dogs have a fear of heights. You should bear this in mind when you raise the dog, because it can go into shock and panic, try to jump down and get hurt.

The breed is suitable for people who want a friend when going to run in the park.

Children and other pets

The Affenpinscher is getting alone very well with other animals in the household and grown up children. But pay attention - small, lush children are not suitable company for this dog, cause it is very protective when it comes to toys and food.

Interesting facts

The Affenpisncher is most common in the region around Munich where there are a lot of puppies for sale due to the fascination of the locals. And the first Pincher Club was founded in 1895 in Cologne.

There is evidence that one of the first owners (breeders) of Affenpinscher is heiress Mrs Evalyn Walsh McLean, who usedthe dog collar of her pet to hang one of the largest diamonds in history ("Hope Diamond").