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The Bedlington Terrier is a unique creature. He has a pompous name and a small figure, faithful and gentle heart and incredible fighting qualities, exquisite and fragile appearance and tight athletic body, it is gentle as a lamb and bold as a lion. So many opposites in so small dog.

The first information about the breed is from the late 18th century. Various authors believe that the Bedlington Terrier originated from Nortumbarland county, or more precisely - the border area between England and Scotland, the country called Board.

In the beginning it was known as Rothbury Terrier from Tennis Hill. This name comes from the region Rothbury Forest. The Bedlington Terrier name appeared in 1825 and this is the year in which these dogs were recognized as a separate breed. First exhibition in which they participated was in 1870, and after 5 years, in 1875, James Scott has described the first unofficial breed standard.

The Bedlington Terrier got his name from the small mining town of Bedlington in northern England where these dogs were widely used in dog fighting, racing and hunting rats in the mines. They were also used for hunting rabbits, foxes, badgers and otters. The Bedlington Terrier was often owned by traveling entertainers and gypsies.

Physical characteristics

The head of Bedlington Terrier is small and the skull is narrow with no frontal slope. The adherent ears are set low. The eyes are small, clear and deep, with perfect triangular shape. The color corresponds to the color of the hair - in blue colored dogs, it is dark, and in the sand and bright specimens is lighter. The body of Bedlington Terrier is elegant and muscular, with a long flat chest and ribs. The tail is medium long and pointed. It is not very hairy. Bedlington Terrier height reaches 41 cm at the withers. Most representatives of this breed weight between 7 and 11 kg.

Character and behavior

Judging by the looks, you expect that the Bedlington Terrier will spend his life pressed to his master's knees, trembling at the sight of a sparrow. Do not be fooled. The exquisite little puppy, like all terriers, is big master in pretending. The ability to deceive others is elevated to the rank of art: the poor lamb in fact is an agile, fearless and passionate dog. Today he may become a loving companion, but in the recent past his ancestors hunted rabbits, foxes, otters, badgers, played in the circus and even participated in dog fights. The Bedlington Terrier is bold, playful dog who is strongly attached to his owner.

Training and education

During walks the Bedlington Terrier is very quick and energetic. He is ready to follow his owner everywhere. Lightweight, miniature and flexible, this dog does not create trouble during a trip. The owners are the center of the universe, with the right approach and attitude the puppy can be trained very well and without difficulty.

Health problems

The life expectancy is about 18 years. The breed is prone to diseases of the kidneys, liver, thyroid and eyes.

Grooming and care

The Bedlington Terrier feels good in a small apartment, if he is provided with daily walks and exercise. The coat of this dog is not linear, which is good, but it requires care and complicated haircuts.

Maintenance of hair requires a little more time - daily combing and clipping every six weeks. Bathing should be done only when necessary.

Even when the puppy plays he is calm and quiet. These dogs do not bark - in the past they even pursued the prey in silence.

Children and other pets

Of course the Bedlington Terrier is good with the children in the family. With proper education from an early age, he behaves well with other pets too.

Interesting facts

In the past Bedlington Terrier hunted even rats. Englishmen told how during competitions some dogs presented in front of the judges over a 100 captured rodents. There is a say that they are able to avoid a bullet fired at close range against them. Legends claim that three dogs of this breed could catch a bear. They are very popular in the Albion and puppies for sale can be found all over England and Scotland.