Irish Water Spaniel

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This breed has been specially selected in the middle of the XIX century and was officially recognized in 1862. In the seventies of the XIX century Irish Water Spaniels were extremely popular, but then they were replaced by the Labrador Retriever. Today, the Irish Water Spaniel is not used as a hunting dog, but as a pet and family companion. Its beautiful appearance and good nature makes it a favorite choise for many people.

Physical characteristics

The Irish Water Spaniel is a large dog and has a muscular and stocky build. It has long fluffy ears that outline his sweet mug. His hair is curly, thick, but not coarse, conforms to the body to protect the dog from the cold and water. The color is deep reddish brown. The height of this breed is about 53-61 cm. The weight for females is between 20 and 28 kg, and for males - between 25 and 30 kg.

Character and behavior

The Irish Water Spaniel is the highest of all spaniels. It is fun loving and sometimes slightly naughty dog. Another thing we can say about this breed is that they are strong, with a very high coefficient of intelligence and this makes their dressage extremely easy and very enjoyable for both your dog and youself. The Irish Water Spaniel can sometimes be stubborn and headstrong, so they are suitable for people who have more experience in growing puppies. The nature of this breed is quite flexible, which means that they can easily switch from one mood to another, but generally, they love entertainment, games and possess inquisitive and curious nature. At a young age, the energy level of the Irish Spaniel will be quite high, but over the years the level will fall.

The name itself suggests that they love water and are excellent swimmers.

Training and education

This is a very smart dog, bred to help people during a hunt and therefore easy learn to perform various commands. If not used for hunting, the training of the Irish Water Spaniel should pass in the form of different types of games that mimic hunting. Your puppy will gladly carry various objects because it is in his nature to retrieve the killed prey.

The training of Irish Water Spaniel should be conducted with patience and firmness. Although it is a quick learner, it can show stubbornness. With love, patience and encouragement combined with persistence and hard approach you will achieve great results.

Health problems

The life expectancy of the Irish Water Spaniel is about 10-12 years. There are several health problems, you should know about: allergies, skin issues, thyroid problems, HD, and epilepsy. CERF and OFA certificates is a must.

Grooming and care

You should comb the hair of your pet a few times a week, and keep the coat underneath clean and dry for hygienic reasons. The ears should always be dry and cleaned to avoid the risk of infections. The breed is suitable for people who suffer from allergies because the level of incidence of the coat is very low.

Children and other pets

These dogs get along well with children, especially when they are grown together. When around strangers, the Irish Water Spaniel will be reserved, sharp, sometimes aggressive, it makes an excellent guardian of home and family. His attitude towards other animals and dogs of other breeds will also be aggressive, so we recommend the owners to ensure an early social environment of their puppies to avoid adverse consequences in the future, especially if you have other pets in the family. The Irish Water Spaniel is full of energy, loves fun and games and will fit perfectly into your family.

Interesting facts

Today somelarge birdshunters prefer puppies for sale of this breed. This dog is invaluable when it comes to hunting waterfowl. A well trained Irish Water Spaniel will easily swim long distances to fetch the shot bird.