Posavaz Hound

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This is a local old Croatian breed, which was officially recognized in 1955 under the name Posavac Basin Hound. According to recent data, this breed was introduced in Bosnia and Herzegovina, particularly in Posavina. Not much is known about its origin, but it is assumed that it is a result of crossings between local Bosnian Balkan and Mediterranean breeds. In the last established standard from 1969 it already exists under the name Posavaz Hound (Posavski Gonic - Croatian), which describes that the breed originated in the valley of the Sava River in the southeast of Zagreb. It is spoken of in the chronicles and books published between 1719 and 1860 in which the dog is mentioned under the name Boskini, and its images can be seen in the frescoes from 1774 in the chapel dedicated to the Virgin Mary in the town of Beram.

Posavaz Hound hunts mostly rabbits, but also foxes and wild boars alone or in a small packs. It can withstand fatigue and 2-3 hours of hunting without a break in severe weather conditions.

This dog is lively, powerful and very fast. It has a strong hunting instinct and flair, so its owners often use it as a guard dog. It is necessary to wait until about 15 months after its birth to turn your dog into a true hunter.

It is spread mostly in the neighboring countries of Croatia - Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Outside the Balkans, puppies for sale are hard to find.

Physical characteristics

The Posavaz Hound is durable, medium sized muscular dog that relentlessly pursues its prey on all terrains and in all weather conditions. Head is long and narrow, eyes are large and dark. Muzzle is also black. Dog's ears are flat, tight to a cheeks, fine with rounded tops and hanging down. Tail of this breed is thick at the base, slightly curved upwards in a form of a sword.

Coat is short, dense, sharp and fitting to a body. Color is reddish-brown or a color of wheat and may have white spots on a chest, forehead to a tip of tail and paws. Male representatives of the breed are about 50 cm high and females - about 48 cm. Average weight ranges from 20 to 25 kg.

Character and behavior

The Posavaz Hound is resilient, persistent and extremely dynamic and focused on hunting. Nature of the dog is mellow and easygoing. It is devoted to its master, loves hunting and never quits.

This dog is sociable, obedient and kind to people. It is sporty and should not remain inside all day. Thanks to this good disposition, these dogs are wonderful pets.

Training and education

A living temper and rapid understanding of commands, makes the training easier if owners can show patience and kindness. This dog loves to please its master. These little puppies are very mobile and noisy, but immediately understand everything you want from them.

Grooming and care

It is necessary to brush dog's coat every day, and check status of its ears. A coat does not shear. This dog needs more space, exercise and long and active walks, so watching it in an apartment is not very appropriate. The best place to raise your Posavaz is a house with a big yard.

Health problems

By nature, this breed is very healthy. Some older dogs may suffer from kidney stones, so you should give them a very well-balanced food.

Average life expectancy of the Posavaz Hound is around 13 years.

Children and other pets

This hound is cheerful, lively, sweet and playful. It loves children and likes to play with them. Furthermore, it never behaves aggressively to other dogs. The Posavaz Hound is distrustful or indifferent to strangers.

Interesting facts

The breed was first introduced in a dog show in 1924.