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The Bernese Mountain Dog (German: Berner Sennenhund) is a breed originating from Switzerland and more precisely in the area of Bern. Today representatives of the breed pull light carriages dotted with flowers as a tourist attraction in some Swiss cities.

According to a research, the breed was obtained by crossing the Roman Molos dogs with local shepherd dogs, about 2000 years ago. These dogs were used mainly for grazing and guarding herds of cattle. In the past the breed was called "dyurbehler" - the name of the small town of Durban, where they created the trichromatic representatives.The Bernese Mountain Dogswere popular in the Middle Ages, but in the early 19th century almost disappeared. Then, in the beginning of 20th century a few enthusiasts began to show representatives of the breed in dog shows in Bern and in 1907 founded the first club for Bernese Mountain Dog, called "Schweizerische Dürrbach-Klub", that same year was written the first breed standard.

In 1949 was made an experiment involving crossing Bernese Mountain Dog with Newfoundland, and in 1990 was added blood from Labrador, but the results are not yet clear.

Physical characteristics

The Bernese Mountain Dog has a relatively large and strong body structure, alert expression and impressive appearance. Weighs between 26 and 67 kg and is 58-71 cm tall. His coat is soft andthick, and may be straight or wavy. It is black, but usually encountered white parts on the face, chest and paws and red around the eyes. White chest is sometimes called the "Swiss Cross" , because it resembles the Swiss flag.

Character and behavior

The Bernese Mountain Dog is loyal, kind and sociable, making him a good pet for people with experience in growing dogs, and for those without. He is smart and easy to train. Dogs of this breed are calm, balanced and sensitive. Sometimes the males behave arrogantly and dominant, while females are attached to one of the family members and obey him. Their attitude is very different - some are very reserved and stand aside while others are friendly. Older representatives hardly adapt to a new home. They feel well in cold weather and do not like the heat.

Training and education

The Bernese Mountain Dog dog is not tied only to his owner. Although responding to the love of the one that shows him most attention, he is attached to all family members without exception. He is always ready to obey and could be trained by several people. It depends only on their skills and consistency.

This dog quickly memorize the rhythm of people who regularly go in and out of the house, and expect their return. In many old records we can read about dogs that have found children fled from home and brought them back.

Health problems

Dogs of this breed live between 8 and 10 years - a very short life compared to other breeds. Many diseases can affect Bernese Mountain Dog - HD, tumors, thyroid problems, skin allergies etc. Adults should have OFA and CERF certificates. It is necessary to make sure that parents of the puppies for sale have such certificates.

Grooming and care

Although there is plenty of hair falling, the requirements for its maintenance are not very complicated. It is enough to comb it twice a week, and more often in spring and autumn.

Children and other pets

The Bernese Mountain Dog get along well with children and is very happy when is part of the kids game. However, they are large dogs and can inadvertently hurt smaller children. Do not leave your toddlers unattended.

They get along well with other animals and are therefore suitable for families with a lot of pets .

Interesting facts

The Bernese Mountain Dog is always ready for a friendly game, showing love and obedience.In our time, so impoverished emotionally, this emotional character combined with beautiful appearance, opens the hearts of people who met the Bernese Mountain Dog.

He is called "The strong bear with the gentle heart" for a reason.