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According to most sources, name of the breed is not accidental. It originates from town of Rottweil (Germany). According to other sources the origin of Rottweiler dates back to the Roman Empire. As a working dog in ancient Rome, it was bred to guard flocks and houses. The ancestors of the breed are considered ancient shepherd dogs. According to some experts, blood from ancient Mastiffs and Molos was infused in the selection. Some cynologists argue that in formation of the breed Swiss alpine dogs also took a part.

In 1907 a Rottweiler lovers club was created with the main goal to preserve and promote breed worldwide. In 1990 purposeful breeding and development of the breed began and the first listings for puppies for sale appeared.

Physical characteristics

The Rottweiler has a stocky and strong body with thick, short, shiny and straight hair. Coloration is usually tan and black. Height of representatives is between 56 and 69 cm and their weight - 38 to 59 kg. Head has rounded cheeks and big snout. Eyes are almond-shaped, dark. Ears are dropping and triangular in form. Tail is docked and neck is exceptionally strong.

Character and behavior

The Rottweiler has a strong protective instinct. This dog possesses power and is not afraid to use it. It is not afraid of bigger opponents and with its strong fighting spirit is ready to defend any time and in any situation.

Training and education

The Rottweiler's training is a must! It will show the best qualities of this giant. If you have a Rottweiler at home, be careful - you should teach it how to behave with children and strangers. It takes a lot of work with this dog and you must be very stubborn. Emphasis should be placed on socialization and training. This breed is not for everyone, because it needs serious training. It needs to know your life from A to Z – when it should defend you and when not. This dog can be very ferocious and territorial, but it hides a great love inside, a gentle giant. This dog is characterized by very high intelligence, which makes it easy for training.

In the beginning, you should be patient in training, but once educated, the dog will not forget your commands, which will save you many headaches in the future. If trained properly, the Rottweiler will do anything for its master. With proper care and training, it can become a fantastic companion.

Health problems

Lifespan of the Rottweiler is about 12 years. These dogs are prone to hip dysplasia, eye problems and obesity.

Grooming and care

This is a healthy dog that adapts to all weather conditions. It can go out and play for hours. It is suitable for a police dog, and as a faithful home guard.

It is important to know that the little ones are greedy and you should be careful with their diet. Too much protein lead to rapid growth and weak bones.

The Rottweiler has an undercoat which falls in spring and autumn. If you don't brush it regularly, black hair will be everywhere in your home.

Children and other pets

Well trained Rottweilers has a very loving attitude towards children and love to spend time with them. They are easily attached to the kids and follows them everywhere, experiencing a natural need to protect them.

The Rottweiler attitude towards other pets is individual. If two animals have been together from a very early age, the dog can show tolerance to other four-legged occupant of the house. However, if you have a Rottweiler from several years and still think to buy a cat or another dog, don't do it – this will create conflicts between them.

Interesting facts

It is considered so dangerous that it is banned in some US states and European countries.

Because of its reputation abroad, some companies refuses insurance to owners of Rottweilers.

The Rottweilers were responsible for 16% of deaths from dog attacks for the last 2 years in the USA.