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The White Swiss Shepherd came from white haired German shepherds imported from the USA and Canada in the 1970's and 1980's. Recorded is the name of an American dog named Lobo, born 15. 03.1966, which is considered the progenitor of the breed in Switzerland. At the end of the XX century the breed clubs in the world refine few lines of white shepherds as genetically different from the German Shepherd Dog. A recessive line for the white fur was rejected by the gene pool in the end of the 19th century.

The historical fact is that a working shepherd with white coat called Greif is actually the ancestor of H. von Grafrath, dog recognized as a founder of all modern German Shepherds. In 1921, the German magazine "Der Deutsche Schaferhund In Wort Und Bild" wrote about a German colonel, as the article is accompanied by a picture of a white Shepherd, a direct descendant of Horand.

The first representatives, also known as Berger Blanc Suisse were imported into Switzerland during the 70's of the 20th century. As a result, throughout Europe, spread a large number of purebred (several generations) white shepherd dogs. For this reason, in June 1991, started registration of these dogs as a new breed of the Swiss studbook (LOS).

In 2003, the breed was accepted by the FCI, but changed its name - according to the classification of FCI, it is called «Swiss white shepherd dog." The breed was provisionally recognized.

Physical characteristics

The first impression of the White Shepherd is for a healthy, mobile, well-muscled animal. This dog is alert, full of life, willing to work, smart and balanced. It looks solid and big. It gives the impression of a muscular athlete, agile and flexible without a trace of clumsiness or stolidity. The secondary sexual characteristics are distinct and each animal makes a certain impression of masculinity or femininity, according to its gender.

Character and behavior

The White Swiss Shepherd is a careful and very intelligent dog that learns quickly and easily. Besides its beautiful appearance, it is very smart, alert and full of life. It develops a strong loyalty to all the members of its family and is highly suspicious of strangers. Dogs of this breed are characterized by a gentler and more mature behavior than German Shepherds.

Training and education

The owner of this dog should be authoritative, but in a confident, calm and firm way. You should socialize and train your pet in obedience from an early age.

Health problems

Although the White Swiss Shepherd is known as a hard and hearty dog, it often suffers from diseases such as hip dysplasia, dysplasia of the elbows, and dysplasia of the lens. Average lifespan is about 12 years.

Grooming and care

This breed is a heavy shedder. You should brush your pet every day. Bathe only if it is really necessary to avoid skin problems. Check its eyes and ears regularly and trim nails at least once per month.

Children and other pets

The White Swiss Shepherd is friendly with other dogs and has excellent skills in seeking and finding. It gets along with children perfectly, as long as they do not harass him constantly.

Interesting facts

In fact, the White Sheepdogs are known almost everywhere, but named after the country where they are located. In the US and Canada, for example, is recognized by the UKC by White Shepherd. The American breed line was developed separately from breeders associated with the American White Shepherd Association and United White Shepherd Club in the US and White Shepherd Club of Canada.

In other countries, the white sheepdog is known as Berger Blanc Suisse, which is officially recorded in the International Dog organization. The Swiss Kennel Club, in cooperation with the Swiss White Shepherd reed club, were the first to send a petition to the FCI for a recognition of the White Shepherd as a separate breed originating from Switzerland.