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The term "bulldog" was first mentioned in literature around 1500s. These dogs were used for games called "biting bulls." Over the centuries, they developed stocky bodies with huge heads and jaws and raw, wild temperament.

The breed reached the pinnacle of its popularity in England around 1800, when the games "baiting bulls" and "bears biting" also reached their peak. In 1835 however, those games were banned and many people think that the days of bulldogs are numbered.

In 1878 was created the first English breeding club in London. The founders of the kennel set the standards of the breed and later started offering puppies for sale in the UK.

Physical characteristics

English bulldog height reaches an average of 31 to 40 cm. It is believed that shorter the Bulldogs, better the value.

The weight of males is in the range of 24-25 kg and females - 22-23 (FCI - male: 25 kg Women: 23 kg / AKC - male: about 23 kg women: about 18.5 kg / KC - male 25 kg female: 22.7 kg). The English bulldog is stocky and muscular with a distinctive large head and shoulders.

The eyes are medium sized and oval. The nose is flat and forked and the muzzle - short. Their upper lip is split, clearly showing their upper incisors. The ears are thin and medium.

This is one of the few breeds whose tail is naturally short and does not need pruning as in some other breeds. Preferred are dogs with a straight tail, by the standards of the English Kennel Club.

Character and behavior

The English bulldog has balanced and calm character. They should be decisive and courageous, but not vicious or aggressive. People who bred English bulldogs many years tried to reduce aggression in these dogs. Currently, most of the representatives have a patient and friendly nature.

They are highly attached to home and family. They like to nap in the lap of someone or play with a ball.

Training and education

The Bulldog should be brought out for a walk at least twice a day to meet his primary canine instinct. When walking your dog, he should be by your side or behind you. Thus he knows that you are the leader, his guide dog.

English Bulldogs are not easy to train, but when they learn something, they never forget it. You could educate your puppy through fun sessions that include repetition and positive reinforcement by food rewards and praise.

Health problems

English bulldog lives an average of 8 to 12 years. The leading cause of death is heart problems (20%); cancer (18%); age (9%). Dogs who die of old age have an average life 10-11 years. According to other statistics, 73.9 percent of English Bulldogs suffer from hip dysplasia.

Other common problems are respiratory problems and allergies.

Over 80% of the Bulldogs are born by caesarean because their characteristic big heads cannot pass through the birth canal of the mother.

Grooming and care

English Bulldogs feel comfortable in the apartment. They are not especially active dogs and do not require much exercise.

It is best to grow your puppy in temperate latitudes, as they do not tolerate heat. Care must be taken with their walks in hot weather because they are highly susceptible to heat stroke. It is important to know that this breed needs an air-conditioned environment and a lot of water during hot summer days.

The smooth and short coat of the English Bulldog is maintained very easily. Comb it with a stiff brush and bathe only when necessary.

You should clean his face with a damp cloth every day, especially the inner part.

Children and other pets

Their friendly nature makes them a good companion for children. English bulldog will put up with many things that children do with them. If the dog is tired to be "tortured" by the child, he will simply withdraw.

However, do not leave your child unattended with a dog and teach him how to behave properly with your pet. The Bulldog gets along quite well with other pets.

Interesting facts

Legendary Uga bulldogs are the most popular college mascots. Uga, whose name stands for "University of Georgia" is more than a mascot - he is an institution. Their genealogy dates back to 1956, when a picture of a Bulldog appeared in the local newspaper. Legendary coach Wally Butts decided that the bulldog can stimulate the team. Since then Uga is at every game. The tradition has continued for six generations. In many ways, this dog is a symbol of the whole state.