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The Fila Brasiliero is known for centuries for its hunting and chasing qualities in his homeland - Brazil. The breed was created after crossings between English Mastiff, Bulldog, Bloodhound and Rafeiros.

These dogs were used to chase down cattle, jaguars, and sometimes - runaway slaves. They would grab the animals or the slave by the neck and wait until the owner arrived. This specific instinct can be seen even when puppies are playing.

The first standard was written in 1946. Dr. Paulo Santos Cruz, started to breed the Fila Brasileiro systematically and contributed to the CAFIB standard. We may say that he is the “Father” of the breed.

Physical characteristics

This is a large dog that is easily distinguished from other breeds by the hanging skin of the body. Its height varies from 63 to 74 cm and its weight - 40 to 50 kg. His head has an elongated snout, hanging upper lips and ears. The skin of the representatives of the breed is thick. The coat is soft and short. Coloration occurs in almost all variations, most often in Brindle, yellow-brown or black. Some dogs have white or gray spots.

Character and behavior

The Fila Brasileiro is a very brave and powerful Mastiff. In the family it is a docile dog, very loyal to his people. He will protect them when needed without any hesitation. There is no need to train the Fila to be a guard, it's in the genes it carries and by nature to protect his family. The representatives of the breed possess highly developed protective and territorial instincts.

Training and education

This dog needs an owner who understands very well the relationship of alpha animal in the pack and could immediately win it. Typical socialization and understanding of the breed instincts are the key to a happy coexistence with the Fila. Usually, after four months you will notice that your puppy doesn't want to receive attention from strangers, nor to be caressed or to indulge in any way. This is a sign that the issue of socialization is complete. Do not force the puppy to accept the caresses, this will only confuse him. You've taken a Fila in your home, exactly because you want a guard dog. Your dog shouldn't become unmanageable, aggressive and scared. The socialization does not aim to make it a dog with human behavior, but to learn to accept the world calmly. With good relationship between you and a good training in obedience your pet will execute your commands. Outstanding courage, determination and firmness are part of his character traits.

Health problems

Life expectancy is an average of 9-11 years. Fila Brasilieros are prone to hip dysplasia, as well as to problems with the eyes and stomach. They need to eat often on small portions because they are prone to swelling. Parents of all puppies for sale should have OFA and CERF health certificates.

Grooming and care

You should have experience in breeding dogs because the Brazilian Mastiff is a strong dog and can become aggressive if not properly educated. His coat does not require special care.

Children and other pets

His attitude towards the children of the family is incredible, probably they really take them for their own kids. Any owner with young children you will ask, will give the same answer "It behaves wonderfully with them!" . This dog gets along well with other pets too. But when it comes to strangers, he is too cocky and could be aggressive too.

Interesting facts

In exhibitions, there is a warning to all judges that the Fila Brasileiro is an aggressive dog and this do not a failure for disqualification. However, if a dog shows too much aggression, he is often disqualified for being too dangerous.