Hungarian Short haired Pointing Dog

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The elegant Hungarian Short-haired Pointing Dog, also known as Vizla, was originally created in Hungary for 'indication' and retrieving, but over the past 20 years, it gets another purpose - a beloved and preferred pet. However, the original purpose is not forgotten - in Canada this dog can often be seen with hunters on weekends. The Vizla has a good sense of smell, diligently perform the tasks and retrieve enthusiastically everything – from killed prey to a tennis ball. The name was first used in 1510 to denote the result of interbreeding between the already extinct local breeds and the Turkish yellow dog. The Vizla was finally established as a complete breed in the fifties of the XIX century.

Physical characteristics

This is a short-haired medium sized dog with a healthy physique. The head is strong and proportionate to the body, with less pronounced stop. The muzzle is long, almost rectangular and tapered. The nose is brown, the nostrils are wide and open. The jaws are strong, with a scissor bite. The ears are set high, medium length, pendulous and fitting to the head. The eyes are round, dark yellow in color, with expressive, intelligent look. The neck is of medium length, well muscled, with a slight curve. The chest is broad and deep. The back is straight, not too long. The legs are straight, medium length, well muscled. The paws are oval, with short, arched and collected fingers. The nails are very strong and elastic cushions. The tail is relatively set low; optional docked at an early age. The coat is short, thick, straight, smooth fitting to the body. The coloring is monochromatic - gold-tan in different shades; undesirable are light yellow and dark brown colors. Small white markings on chest and paws are allowed.

Character and behavior

This dog possesses a strong sense of smell, balanced nervous system and is an excellent retriever of hunted game. It is a wonderful home companion. The Vizla is a clean dog, mistrustful of strangers and a faithful guardian who will protect the home, and the owners themselves.

Training and education

The Hungarian Short-hair Pointing Dog is very susceptible to training . It is very smart and easily amenable to training, a dog that possesses the innate hunting qualities and abilities. At home, it can deliver a lot of joy and pleasure of its owners, but as other sporting and hunting dogs, it needs daily walks and exercise.

Health problems

The Hungarian Vizla suffers from some genetic diseases typical of the breed, including epilepsy, hip dysplasia, hypothyroidism, lymphosarcoma (a cancer of the lymphatic system), progressive retinal atrophy (PRA). The average life expectancy is about 9-15 years.

Grooming and care

If you already chose to look for puppies for sale of this breed, you should know that these dogs cannot be grown in the yard because they had no undercoat and cannot withstand low temperatures.

Bathe only when needed, cause these hounds have exceptional hygiene habits and know how to clean themselves. The other good news is that the representatives of the Hungarian Short-haired Vizla do not smell like other dogs.

Children and other pets

These dogs love children and can play with them for hours. Nevertheless, keep in mind that without exercise, these hounds may become too energetic and hurt small kids and toddlers. In general, the Hungarian Short-haired Pointing Dog is nice with other animals.

Interesting facts

The Vizslas love to run, but always in short distance. During hunting, they do not pursuit the prey far away, but will rather stay close to their master, trying to “tell” him: “ Come quickly, the animal ran that way, we should be faster, I'll show you where..”