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According to some canine specialists, Hokkaido inu is the oldest and the wildest breed of Japan. They say that it originated from the Japanese dogs that accompanied migrating tribes from Honshyu (the largest island of Japan) to Hokkaido during the Kamakura period (about 1140-1150 AD). It is known as the Ainu-ken - a name given to him in 1869 by the English gentleman T. Blekistan. The word "Ainu" simply means "man". Although the history of Hokkaido inu is closely intertwined with the Ainu people in Japan, the breed is known only as Hokkaido inu. In 1937 its name was officially registered, and for its homeland is considered the island of Hokkaido.

Physical characteristics

Hokkaido is one of the bravest dogs in the world. This is a healthy and fearless animal, whose physique is designed to withstand the icy cold and blizzards. Its height is about 50 cm, and the weight - about 25 kg. The head form is triangular. The eyes are small and dark brown. The ears are small, the tail is curled over the back. The coat is short, as eligible hues are black, red or brown. The coat and undercoat (which falls in the summer) are very thick and dense, in length similar to that of the Akita. There are various colors - usually red or white, but black, caramel, beige, cream and tiger are allowed. Most of the dogs have a black spot on the tongue, which may be a sign of an ancient genetic kinship with Chow- Chow and Shar-Pei.

Character and behavior

Hokkaido inu is strong and impetuous by nature. Always alert and full of suspicion towards strangers, this is the perfect guard dog. In addition, the Hokkaido possesses magnificent hunting skills, loyalty and devotion to its owner. To show his love, this dog doesn't wave the tail, nor jumping and licking the master's face, he howls like a wolf! This is an impulsive and quick animal, light with nimble gait.

Training and education

Today, as well as in the past, Hokkaido inu is a remarkable hunter of salmon and puppies for sale are mostly sought by hunters and fisherman in Japan. His specialty is the salmon that swims up along the rivers to spawn - without hesitation, he dives in the cold water. Hokkaido inu is also a brave hunter of bears - in some dog shows in Japan is held simple field test of the type that Russians call "races Bear - bait". The dog should approach the bear (not too close), to freeze with raised head and tail and to bark a single time. Intelligent and observant, it lends itself to training, but sometimes can be quite stubborn and disobedient, despite the enormous affection for his master. But if you rise your puppy with love , the Hokkaido will be flawless.

Health problems

The life expectancy of the Ainu is about 14 years. His overall health is very good.

Grooming and care

Hokkaido inu feels well both in the city and in the countryside. The favorite season of the Aino, as a self-respecting Nordic dog, of course, is the winter - a real winter with lots of snow and cold. The coat should be brushed regularly. Bathing could be done only when necessary.

Children and other pets

Hokkaido inu gets along pretty well with older children. It can show aggression towards other dogs, but it depends on the socialization and education.

Interesting facts

The Ainu are the indigenous inhabitants of the Japanese archipelago, who have preserved the originality of its ancient culture. Ainu are settled in Hokkaido after the invasion of people Yamato, under whose pressure, this peaceful nation was on the verge of destruction. They managed to survive in the harsh conditions of Hokkaido. Hunters and fishermen Ainu lived in peace with nature and worshiped deities in the images of the animals around them. They hunted salmon (with their dogs), and the only big game, which they chased with their four-legged hunters - Hokkaido inu, was the bear.

Dogs of this breed are excellent hunters. Moreover, they have the ability to remember directions and therefore can return home alone, regardless of distance.