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Home of the King Charles Spaniel is the UK where in the XIX century the breed gained popularity among the aristocracy. In the 13thcentury the Celts brought to Britain dogs very similar to themodernCharles Spaniel. Since then, these beautiful puppies were often mentioned in the songs of street musicians from the Middle Ages. Dogs of this breed were used for hunting, but after some time it became an entirely ornamental breed.

The King Charles Spaniel became one of the favorite dogs of aristocrats, it was considered a sign of good taste. The breed is named after King Charles II, who lived in the XVII century. Some say that it was created by the king himself. In 1996, this breed was finally registered at the AKC.

Physical characteristics

The King Charles Spaniel has a little proportioned body covered in soft, wavy coat, which occurs in a combination of light brown and black, and red, white and maroon. The height varies between 30 and 33 cm and its weight - between 4 and 8 kg. His head is rounded and has a conical snout. The nose and the eyes are dark in color. The ears are large and hang to the muzzle.

Character and behavior

The King Charles Spaniel is a dog that needs human companionship, but it is enough if its owner is located just close to him - this gives him security. This is a perfect dog for elderly people as it is not too active and has a calm temperament. Towards strangers is a little suspicious, but a few minutes are enough for the dog to understand that there is nothing to fear.

Training and education

The King Charles Spaniel is an intelligent dog who learns various tricks and can be trained with ease. With treats and praise, he will do absolutely everything. This is a playful puppy, so the best way of educations is by using games.

Health problems

The life span is between 11 and 15 years. There are a lot of diseases that affect this breed, including MVD, cataracts and others. Parents of all puppies for sale should have cardiac certificate because of this breed susceptibility to heart issues.

Grooming and care

Two short walks a day are enough, this will give the King Charles Spaniel required dose of contact with the outside world. It will prefer to stay quietly close to his owner. Since the clutches of the King Charles Spaniel are relatively short, they are not good runners. Dogs of this breed can not accompany their owners if they love jogging. The coat is easy to maintain. It is enough to comb it once or twice a day, paying more attention to the areas around the elbows, between the rear paws and behind the ears. It is better to comb the small spaces between the toes of the paws. Bathe once in every three weeksusing a mild shampoo, clean the eyes, because they can form tears and ugly spots on the coat.

The main thing your Spaniel needs is to be close to you. Otherwise, the puppy can become too sleepy to lose interest in everything and refuse to come out. The King Charles Spaniel is ready to travel everywhere with its owners. In the summer walk your pet when outside is cool - early morning and late evening.

Children and other pets

Your little pet will be nice with other dogs, children, strangers and even cats, but keep in mind that it is in his nature to chase rodents and birds.

Interesting facts

These dogs were favorite of many artists - among them Titian and Van Dyck. They were knownfor centuries aswarming dogs. When it was cold, their owners make them lie down at their feet and keep them warm all night.

In the sixties of the twentieth century the breed became extremely popular among members of the British royal family. Twenty years later, these dogs became the darlings of Ronald Reagan.