Blue Gascony Griffon

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The Blue Gascony Griffon is a dog resembling the hound and originating from France. It is a great hunting breed, used for chasing small animals and rodents, individually or in packages.

This breed was created when people wanted a smaller and lightly dog than the Grand Bleu de Gascogne. It is also known as “Petit Griffon Bleu de Gascogne”.

Physical characteristics

The back is strong and short, slightly arched and muscular. The dog has a very well developed chest and rounded ribs. The coat is rough, hard and shaggy, slightly short on the ears and head. They have characteristic hairy eyebrows which don't cover the eyes.

Coloration can be any shades of black or gray with solid black spots. There is also white patches on the head, face and legs.

The average height of these beautiful dogs is between 62 and 72 cm and the weight – between 30 and 38 kg.

Character and behavior

The Blue Gascony Griffon is a great hunter who possesses a strong voice and sensitive nose. It is always lively, alert and affectionate. It has a friendly and cheerful temperament. Distinctive and very interesting feature of this dog is the fact that it is not too fond of its master, and it is even possible to escape. So you should make your pet really feel at home and suppress its hunting instinct.

Dogs of these four Gascony races are all very sweet and docile, obedient and attached to their master. The Blue Basset is now used more as a pet than a hunting dog, but the other three have maintained very strong aptitude for hunting. The Big Blue is a used for big game; the Small blue is used especially for chasing foxes; the Blue Griffon is a solo hunting dog.

Training and education

Dogs of this breed need early socialization, especially with other animals. Their training is relatively easy as long as you treat them with respect. Keep in mind that these dogs have a tendency to get offended, and displaying rudeness on your part will definitely hinder their learning.

Health problems

Natural set of genes makes the Blue Gascony Griffon immune to various diseases. This breed has an excellent health and needs only preventive measures and regular checkups at the veterinarian. A basic care and a balanced diet will help your dog stay healthy for many years. The average lifespan of the breed is 10-12 years.

Grooming and care

Raising a Blue Gascony Griffon puppy is not difficult at all. However, you need to spend time maintaining the hair of your pet - comb it two or three times a week. Don't let your dog overeat, because in the beginning you will find it difficult to measure the right rations.

If you do not live in a house or in a place with more space, you must provide long walks and games for your Griffon.

Children and other pets

As mentioned, representatives of the breed do not attach to their owners, as much as most dogs. But if you find the right approach, you will feel immediately the friendship of your dog. They get along very well with children and other pets.

Interesting facts

The four Gascony breeds are derived from the crossing of the Bloodhound with former French Hounds. However, the Big Blue is the ancestor of the others. The Big Blue and Little Blue are fairly known and widespread breeds. The other two are a little more rare. The Griffon blue almost disappeared because of its geographical isolation. Fortunately, thanks to the activity of the French Club and some breeders, these dogs were saved from extinction. However it still a very rare breed and puppies for sale are hard to find outside some French regions.