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„Father” of the breed is considered the Scottish Lord Tuidmaut. He worked a lot for the selection of Retrievers in the 30's of the XIX century. The breed originates from the retriever Knowles, who was crossed with the golden water spaniel Bell. The Lord led strict records for each puppy born of his selections. The last born puppies were Prim and Rose. There are documents that prove the connection of Rose with the modern representatives of the breed. According to other papers, the Lord crossed retrievers with the Irish Setter, having left only yellow and golden puppies. Labradors were also involved in the formation of the breed.

The Golden Retriever was originally used for hunting, but only in a very narrow circle of aristocrats. In the early twentieth century, this breed wasn't in the list of English hunting dogs. Lord Tuidmaut work was continued by Lord Harkout, which begins to show Retrievers in exhibitions. In 2013 was founded the first club of Golden Retriever owners.

Physical characteristics

The Golden Retriever is a beautiful and proportionate dog. Male representatives of the breed reach 60 cm in height, and females - up to 56 cm. Males weigh up to 36 kg, females - up to 32 kg. The eyes are dark, the ears are medium-sized and hang down. The chest is powerful, the limbs are muscular. The coat is straight or with very mild waves. Under the top layer of hair there is a shorter lower layer. Around the head and neck the hair is longer, resembling a mane. The color is golden or creamy.

Character and behavior

The character of the Golden Retriever is a hallmark of the breed and is described as "soft, friendly and confident." These dogs are equally friendly to strangers and those who are part of the family. Due to this fact, they can't become good guards. A Golden Retriever would never attack a human and would bite other dogs only if they try to take its food.

Training and education

The Golden Retriever is easily amenable to training. Therefore, representatives of this breed are often used to guide blind people and help children with autism. This is a very clever dog. It is capable to draw a drowning man from the water without receiving a special command for this. This is a dog that always wants to help and has lightning reactions when it comes to possible danger. There have been many cases in which Golden Retrievers entered in burning houses to rescue people trapped inside. These dogs easily understand everything during training and are often used by police to detect prohibited substances.

Health problems

In general, the Golden Retriever is a healthy dog, yet the representatives of this breed are prone to certain diseases. Among them is the twisting of the stomach, which can happen if the dog is moving actively immediately after eating. These puppies are also prone to hip dysplasia and elbow dysplasia. They may suffer from epilepsy, food allergies, eczema skin, cataracts and eyelid twist. Like all dogs with dog dropping ears, this one is also prone to ear infections.

The average life span is about 10-13 years.

Grooming and care

Golden Retriever is a dog that is suitable for inexperienced owners. It is gentle and loving and will not cause you any problems. You should comb his hair every day to keep it beautiful and shiny. During the spring it is necessary to care more about the coat, because then it tends to fall a lot more. Check regularly the ears of your pet - they should always be clean. Dogs of this breed need exercise, long walks and time to play in the open. The Golden Retriever loves water games.

Children and other pets

These dogs are extremely friendly with everyone – children, pets and strangers.

Interesting facts

The Golden Retriever Tommy became famous worldwide because of its friendship with a leopard. They live in South Africa in the estate of their master and have grown up together from babies. The two are inseparable, and according to their owner there absolutely no danger for the dog.

Puppies for sale of this breed are now the second most sought dogs in the US after Labrador Retrievers.

Golden Retrievers are positioned in fourth place in the ranking of the smartest dogs in the world. Some studies, however, place them in third place.