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Czechoslovakian Wolfdog (Slovak: Československý vlčiak, Czech: Československý vlčák) is a breed originating from the former Czechoslovakia (in the lands of present-day Slovakia).

It is obtained in an experiment by crossing the German Shepherd with European wolf. The idea was to combine the best qualities of both breeds. In 1982 it became a national breed of Czechoslovakia, and in 1999 was recognized by the FCI.

Physical characteristics

These dogs look very much like wolves. The lowest female is 60 cm and the males - 65 cm but there is no upper limit. The format of the body is rectangular, with a 9:10 ratio of height: length, or less. They have a very strong jaw with a full set of teeth (42), and a large chest. The coloring can be yellow-gray or silver-gray and the hair is short, straight and very dense.

Character and behavior

The Czechoslovakian Wolfdog is unsurpassed long-distance runner, his movements are harmonious and light. He establishes a very strong social relation not only with the owner, but also with his family.

This dog easily learns to live among other animals in the house. It is easy to remove the hunting passion these dogs possess, but only when they are small. You should never isolate them and must socialize them while they are still puppies. Female representatives of the breed are easier to control than males.

These dogs are playful and exuberant. It is difficult to tell the difference between them and wolves, but they easily judge us with the yellowish eyes. They don't look their master, because they feel and know well what he is doing at any moment. Do not interested in the details - day or night, frost or heat, nothing can discourage them from what they are up to. If a Wolfdog must run 100 km, he will. If he must find a lost clue, he will - they have an exceptional sense of orientation and lightning reaction. Undoubtedly, the Czechoslovakian Wolfdog is one of the most interesting modern dogs.

Training and education

People who are interested in puppies for sale of this breed must consider some very important points. These are extremely smart animals and they need a long and consistent training from an early age.

The Czechoslovakian Wolfdog is temperamental and very playful. His behavior is purposeful and needs a strong motivation for training. The most common problem is repeating the same exercise, resulting in loss of motivation to work. The Wolfdog has a superb sense of smell. He can operate independently or in a pack. These qualities are very useful and that is why he is used in the army. Another valuable feature is his ability to hide his position which is untypical for most dogs. On the other hand, there are situations where the bark is a necessary means. To educate your puppy to work reliably and steadily you need more time and patience.

Health problems

Generally, this is a very healthy and strong breed. Some representatives are prone to Hip dysplasia. Due to the interbreeding between wolf and dog, these animals have a very long life span – about 14 – 16 years.

Grooming and care

Instructions for growing a puppy can be obtained from a good breeder - someone who has seen such dogs for years. Many compromises and nerves are needed to raise a Czechoslovakian Wolfdog, but it's worth the efforts. This animal is not a good guard, because it refers to people as "creatures of his kind." The breed is extremely inappropriate for inexperienced owners.

Children and other pets

The Wolfdog can be aggressive sometimes if the owners are not showing enough authority. It is not a good idea to raise your puppy alongside other pets. This dog is kind to children, but watchful and suspicious with strangers.

Interesting facts

The Czechoslovakian Wolfdog is the only dog breed in whose veins flow over 25% wolf blood.

During the development of the breed there were endurance tests - the dogs have passed the 100 km race without any problems.