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The breed name comes from the famous province of Bourbonnais in central France. The translation in English is Bourbonnais Pointing Dog, but owners and breeders everywhere use the French term – Braque du Bourbonnais. It is described for the first time during the Renaissance in the Natural History of Aldrovandi in 1598. The author wrote about a dog who is a pleasant companion of the hunter, with rustic appearance and speckled white dress.

The Bourbonnais Pointing Dog has long been famous as the best quail hunter. It was grown in France since the end of 16 century. Strange animals drawn on ancient engravings are quite close to today Bourbonnais.

It was very popular in the early 20th century, but during World War II almost disappears. The breed club was founded in 1925.

In 1988, the first Bourbonnais was introduced in the USA. Since then the breed has grown in that country, which became the second producer of Bourbonnais pointers after France.

Currently, his fans work hard to revive the breed.

Physical characteristics

The head is rounded with well developed parietal bones. The axes of the skull and muzzle are a little divergent towards the front.

In the past the Bourbonnais Pointing Dog was called "short-tail pointer". Sometimes the puppy is born with a short tail (brachyury) or no tail at all (anury). The gene responsible for this characteristic has been identified the same as the Brittany Spaniel's one.

This dog has nevertheless an active nature and strong body. His construction may allow him to change direction and speed, recalling the maneuverability and stability of polo ponies.

Character and behavior

Solid, not very fast, with a very strong sense of smell, the Bourbonnais Pointing Dog adapt very easily to any terrain, as well as to wide range of hunting. He is known as a good specialist in hunting snipes and partridges. Attentive and friendly, this dog is a wonderful pet.

Training and education

The best place to raise a Bourbonnais Pointing Dog puppy is a house with a big yard where he can run and play. This dog is resistant, docile and easy to train. He loves his master and is not aggressive towards strangers.

Health problems

The Bourbonnais Pointing Dog does not suffer of any particular racial diseases, but it may be affected by the most common problems of these breeds: ear infections, entropion, metritis, dilatation-torsion of the stomach. The average life expectancy is about 13 – 15 years.

Grooming and care

The Bourbonnais Pointing Dog needs space and movement. If you live in the city, you must be able to go for longer walks. Particular attention should be paid to the ears, regular brushing of the coat is also necessary. Bathing is desirable at least once a week and special products must be used for the fur of your pet.

Children and other pets

The Braque du Bourbonnais, as he is known in France, is a pointer with a calm, gentle character, ideally suited for hunters. The small size and short coat make this dogs perfect companion for a family that like hunting. He is kind with children and other dogs, but could chase small animals and rodents.

Interesting facts

There is a document that proves the Bourbonnais Pointing Dog has been known since the 1500s. It is an illustration by the Italian painter Ulisse Aldrovandi that shows a dog with a great resemblance to the Bourbonnais Pointing Dog.

After the two world wars, the lack of breeding nearly brought this breed to extinction. Then, in the 1970's under the leadership of Michel Comte, a group of enthusiasts joined together with a goal to resurrect the breed. Thanks to their efforts, today puppies for sale are much easier to find and the breed continues to gain popularity.