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The breed dates back to a time of Alexander the Great. It is alleged that in the Bible a term "dog" means Saluki. Ancient Egypt is where roots of this breed lie. Egyptians used it for hunting. They called it "the royal dog of Egypt" and gave it so much respect, that the Pharaohs mummified bodies of Saluki along with theirs. Pictures of these amazing dogs adorn their tombs. Figurines of ivory heads of Saluki from 6000-5000 BC were found in Africa. Name of this breed is associated with the city of Saluki that disappeared under a desert sands. For Muslims, this dog is sacred and according to Islam was considered a gift from Allah. Dogs of this breed weren't sold, but were given away as a sign of gratitude and respect. In Europe, the breed first appeared in the UK and in 1836 was shown in an exhibition. In 1922 Saluki was recognized by the AKC.

Physical characteristics

The Saluki has a thin and elegant body covered with a soft, long or short hair. It is longer on ears, tail and limbs. Coloration occurs in white, cream, beige, red, yellow, brown, and black gold. It can be in combinations of black and tan or black, white and tan. Height of representatives ranges from 58 to 71 cm and their weight from 13 to 30 kg. Head is tilted with elongated snout. The dog has wide cheekbones, dark, expressive eyes and hanging, long ears. Tail and neck are long.

Character and behavior

This Persian greyhound possesses exceptional speed, grace and symmetry. Its eyes are full of dignity and loyalty. It has well-developed intellect and independent character. Dogs of this breed are very attached to their owner and always strive to deserve his attention. They do not like to be left alone.

Training and education

The Saluki lends itself to relatively easyто training. It is important to know that ineducation of these dogs you should use only positive techniques. They get easily bored, and you should pick different tasks and games. A good training keeps dog in shape.

This breed is suitable for people who likes to participate in sporting dog competitions. Owners of this graceful breed can proudly present it to these races and show their exceptional skills. The Saluki is not recommended for people who spend the majority of their time at home and could not provide much desired jogging and games.

Health problems

These dogs are prone to thyroid problems, hip dysplasia, eye issues, carcinogenic formations and heart problems. Average lifespan is 10-12 years.

Grooming and care

It is better to raise your Saluki in a house with a spacious garden or farm because they need a lot of space and movement to spend accumulated energy. Frequently perform various exercises, inactivity can lead to problems in their behavior. Their fur does not require special care, but it is important to check ears of your puppy to prevent infections.

Children and other pets

It is not recommended to grow your Saluki with other pets due to a highly developed hunting instincts of this dog. In expense of this, representatives of this breed gets along perfectly with children and are theirs faithful "bodyguards".

Interesting facts

Few people are really interested in history of this breed. Among them is a historian Gail Goodman. Gail has traveled more than 11,000 kilometers from Arizona to the Negev desert in southern Israel. In this desert lives over 100 thousand Bedouins. Traditionally, they inhabited huts, baked bread and raised Saluki. Ms. Goodman learned about this dog 25 years ago in Israel and continues its successful exploration to this day. During his studies Gale managed to find that when you don't change an environment representatives of this breed doesn't change either. That is why puppies for sale in the USA are almost the same as their ancestors in the deserts of Arabia.

An average dog runs with 48 km/h at most, the Saluki can develop a speed of over 50 km/h.

Today, this is the only dog that is allowed sleep in a tent of the Sheikh.