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The Hungarian Greyhound (Hungarian: Magyar Agár) is a breed of dog originating from Hungary and Transylvania. It is used for hunting and racing, but is also a good companion. It is believed that these dogs were brought by the Magyars in the 10th century. According to local legends, the first Hungarian Greyhound appeared in northwestern Hungary, in the region of Alfyold. The earliest archaeological remains were found in the Carpathian Mountains in western and northern borders of Hungary. Still, we do not know where they came from to settle in the Carpathian Basin. While living in Alfyold, these dogs are used mainly for hunting in today's provinces of Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg County, Hajdu-Bihar and Somogy. Between the Middle Ages and the early 19th century, the Magyar Agar was in the group of the Greyhounds, but in 1803 was made a separate breed standard.

Physical characteristics

At first glance, the greyhounds and the Magyar Agar are similar, but there are many differences that separate the breeds. The Hungarian one weighs between 22 and 31 kilograms and is high between 62 and 70 kg. Their fur is short and smooth, it can be in many different colors.

Character and behavior

The Hungarian Greyhound has a good-natured and balanced character. It is strongly attached to its owner. Puppies of this breed are very intelligent and flexible, able to restrain their emotions. Despite the lack of aggression and the friendly demeanor, the Agar is always able to protect its owner and his family. An extremely loyal breed which is always alert and at the same time very relaxed. Likes to hunt, run and have fun with their owners. These dogs are reserved with strangers.

Training and education

Magyar Agar has an independent mind and quite vibrant personality. However, we should not expect that we will obey in any case. The Hungarian Greyhound is an invincible runner. Therefore, in order to maintain his physical fitness and health, you should give your pet many opportunities to move actively and have fun. Once in the house, this breed is very quiet and loves to snuggle and sleep. It can be a great caretaker of the house. These dogs have good manners, which helps in their training.

Health problems

This is a powerful dog with well developed muscles and body, which helps him avoid injury and trauma. This breed easily adapts to temperature changes and rarely get sick. It is unpretentious to food and does not suffer of the typical diseases of dogs, except perhaps some joint problems. The average life expectancy is about 12-14 years.

Grooming and care

The Magyar Agar is a very good choice for a pet. But it still needs a wide space to spend its energy and maintain an active lifestyle.

Take your puppy for long walks where he can run, jump and play. If you cannot organize a real hunt for this breed, you can improvise, using the favorite toy of your puppy for prey. This breed is an excellent long-distance runner. During hunting, it uses all their advantages and qualities: speed, consistency and excellent flair. The Agar loves to rest - can sleep all day, curled up in a cozy corner of your house.

Children and other pets

This breed will never show aggression towards people. Nevertheless, it possesses a very good guard instinct. Representatives of the breed usually behave well with children and other dogs.

Interesting facts

According to the Hungarians, this greyhound can run between 30 and 50 kilometers a day without getting tired.

This breed is not very popular around the World and puppies for sale can be found mostly in Hungary and Romania.