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The Slovakian Hound also known as Slovensky Kopov and Black Forest Hound is an ancient local Slovak breed. This dog is a result of crossings between mountain dogs and hounds with other greyhounds mostly from Eastern Europe. The aim was to get a healthy, strong dog that can hunt on harsh terrain or climate and can attack big game.

An official recognition of the breed came after World War II - in 1963, but its standard was drafted in 1924. In fact, it has existed for centuries. The dog is known for its composure and therefore in Slovakia is used for hunting wild boars and carnivorous wildlife. It likes to hunt alone. Hunters highly appreciate it because of its incredible sense of smell and excellent sense of direction.

In recent years, in European hunting editions evidence for new qualities of the breed appeared outside of traditional hunting: these dogs have already begun to pursue ducks. Times change.

Besides being an excellent hunter, this dog is a perfect guard.

Slovakian Hound is a very popular breed in Slovakia, but is rare outside its homeland, and puppies for sale can be found mostly in Germany. There are also some Kennels in the United States and Russia.

Physical characteristics

The Slovakian Hound seems lightweight, but has a dense bone. Body is rectangular, eyes are dark. Ears are moderately long, with a rounded tip. Tail is in a form of a sword. The dog's body is straight, medium long, hips are strong and muscular. Back is straight, medium length, and its neck is short, muscular and without dewlap. Nose is black with wide open nostrils.

Hair is long between 2 and 5 centimeters, medium dense. Lower layer is quite thick, especially in winter. Its color is black with fiery brown spots.

Height of males is 45 to 50 cm, and female's- from 40 to 45 cm. Weight of the dog varies between 15 and 20 kg.

Character and behavior

The Slovakian Hound is known for its stubbornness, even malice when chasing beasts on a track or ablood trail. It is fearless, relentless, and, at the same time careful, friendly, and very energetic. This breed seems to have GPS in its head, because it can orientate in any circumstances.

Training and education

Young dogs of the breed are naughty and even provoke their masters. It is therefore necessary to use a strong and vigorous hand during training, this is especially true for males because they often show an independent character. The Slovakian Hound is hard to train, but with the right approach, you can achieve a lot.An education of this breed requires patience, persistence and consistency.

Grooming and care

It is recommended to raise this breed in a house with a large fenced yard. If you live in an apartment, you should spend a lot of time in walks and games with your pet.

Health problems

The Slovakian Hound is a healthy dog. It doesn't suffer from any particular pathologies and hereditary diseases. Average life expectancy is very good for a big dog - about 12 to 13 years.

Children and other pets

This breed is prized for its hunting qualities, but life in a family is difficult for it. However, the dog is kind to children, but you should never leave your small kids unattended with it. If well trained, this hound will accept to coexist with a lot of people, but will never get along well with other dogs and cats.

The Slovakian Hound lives for hunting, this is its great passion.

Interesting facts

It is believed that the Slovakian Hound possesses the best sense of orientation among all breeds in the world.