Brazilian Terrier

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The Brazilian Terrier is one of two breeds that originated from Brazil. These dogs are the heirs of Jack Russell terrier who was brought to Brazil in the 19th century. The crossing of Jack Russell terrier with miniature pinscher led to the formation of the new breed. Outside Brazil the breed became known a few years ago, as its official recognition dates from 1995.

Physical characteristics

The Brazilian Terrier is a medium-sized dog, slender, harmonious, with a healthy, but not robust body. He has distinctly curved lines, which distinguishes him from the Silk Fox Terrier. Height at the withers reaches 35-40 cm and his weight does not exceed 10 kg.

A characteristic feature of this breed is the typical brown stain on the head and ears, making it easy to distinguish the dog. The outward signs are not expressed so clearly as in other terriers, but no mouse or rat can escape from him.

Character and behavior

The representatives of this breed are very intelligent and energetic dogs, as well as great guards.

Although it is a young breed, the Brazilian terrier already has earned his fame of a universal dog and puppies for sale can be found all around the world. He is also used as a hunter, guard dog and pastoral dog. He has smart appearance and is agile and fearless as his ancestors. The presence of "tropical" blood allows the Brazilian Terrier to tolerate strong heat.

He is cheerful and loves running, is devoted to his master, balanced and never cause conflicts with other dogs. This is extremely durable dog who can become a wonderful assistant in hunting small game thanks to his alert, active and energetic character.

Training and education

Training of Brazilian Terrier will be very easy for the owner, as this puppy has exclusive intelligence and wit, and unlike their counterparts is not so obstinate and stubborn. If you grow him in an apartment do not forget about the regular walks and exercise. The ideal time for walks is early in the morning or late in the evening. You can test the durability of your pet while cycling. He should be trained with positive methods and techniques.

This dog likes to bark loudly when reporting for approaching strangers. The Brazilian Terrier is agile and therefore well suited for all kinds of sports.

Health problems

He is not prone to any specific diseases. Prophylactic and vaccines are mandatory anyway. The Brasilian Terrier may develop some rare diseases, such as epilepsy, hip displacement and others, but he generally has a very good health. The average life expectancy is about 12-14 years.

Grooming and care

The Brazilian Terrier is not pretentious as a breed. His small dimensions allow him to be grown even in undersized housing, but he needs walks and games. His coat is maintained very easily – comb it occasionally and bathe only when necessary. Ask your veterinarian for specific food for your pet, but remember - never give him bread or pasta because the flour will not affect well on the stomach of your dog.

Children and other pets

They are very kind with children, but only if the kids behave well and do not tease them. The breed was developed with a strong hunting instinct and is not a good idea to raise him alongside rodents.

Interesting facts

This is a breed that really needs attention and affection. Show your love to the puppy more often and you will have the best pet in the world.