Chinese Crested Dog

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Homeland of the Chinese Crested Dog is Africa. When reaching the continent, the Chinese sailors and traders take these dogs to chase rats from the holes of their ships. So the breed gets spread around the world and now puppies for sale can be found almost in every country.

Physical characteristics

The Chinese Crested Dog is a small and gentle animal. He reaches a height of about 30 cm, the weight is about 4-5 kg. There are two versions of the breed - naked and hairy. Hairless representatives have hair on the head, forming a distinctive hood and less on the limbs and tail. Hairy representatives have long, soft fur. Coloration can be in different colors and combinations. The muzzle is long and cheekbones - wide. The eyes are dark in color while the ears are upright. Unlike other breeds, these dogs have sweat glands.

Character and behavior

The Chinese Crested Dog is very sociable and loves the presence of people. He is often used in agility competitions in the United States due to his sporty character. He can run next to you when you bike at medium speed. He is sensitive and loving by nature. These dogs have harmonious body and movements. The naked representatives have some advantages in the visible facial expressions - some owners claim that they can guess the mood of their pet very easily. Chinese Crested Dogs are friendly to other breeds and can coexist with them. They need a lot of attention and want to participate in everything that happens at home - cooking, cleaning or just watching TV.

Training and education

This breed is ideal for growing in an apartment because it does not require long walks and lots of exercise. Training is fairly easy and the good thing is that this dog loves games, so you can figure out a way to educate him during play.

Health problems

The life expectancy of the Chinese Crested Dog is around 10-12 years. They are prone to skin, dental and eye problems, as well as obesity. In the summer hairless representatives must be protected from sunburn and from cold in the winter.

Grooming and care

The Chinese Crested Dog should eat a balanced diet rich in vitamins and minerals to be healthy and in good condition. He loves all kinds of fruits and fresh vegetables. During the summer, the naked Chinese Crested Dog requires protective cosmetics. He likes sun and heat, but when out in the sun, his skin should be threatened with sun block. The rule is the same as with people - the lighter the color of the skin, the higher should be the cream protective factor.

It is better to bathe every other day with a neutral shampoo and use cleaning fluids. Pores can not be filled with dirt, because buds can appear. In hairy dogs the "fur" should be combed on a regular basis to avoid compaction. The hair on paws and ears, which is thick and long in both variations, should be well cleaned. The Chinese Crested Dog is not sickly, but at temperatures below zero or in rain and strong winds, you should dress him with a warm coat. This dog does not tolerate salt and chemicals in the streets and so the paws should be washed after a walk. This animal greatest advantage is that he has no typical dog smell. In result, he is not attacked by fleas or external parasites.

Children and other pets

They love to please their owners and are great family dogs. Chinese Crested Dog get along well with children and other pets. If not properly socialized while they are young, they become timid and fearful. These dogs do not bark often, but only when they sense danger and quickly learn new commands.

Interesting facts

An important feature of these dogs is the higher surface temperature - 39-42 degrees.

The Chinese Crested Dog is different from the other naked breeds (Peruvian and Mexican).