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Chihuahua is the smallest breed of dogs in the world. It originates from Mexico, more specific from the territory of the State of Chihuahua, from which derives its name. It was recognized in 1850, but its ancestors (the Techichi breed) have been used by the Toltecs, who buried them with the dead and believed that the dogs help the dead to pass into the afterlife. When the Conquistadors came to America, the Techichi were crossed with Asian breeds. Modern Chihuahua was selected in 1850 in Casa Grande, Chihuahua state, close to Texas, Arizona and New Mexico. That is how the breed began to spread around the world. There are two types of Chihuahua: long-haired and soft-haired. There is a variety of the breed with medium length coat, but it is not recognized.

Physical characteristics

The Chihuahua's head has a distinctive form of an apple. The muzzle is short. The eyes are large, round and dark. The nose has the same color as the eyes. The ears are straight, wide at the base and rounded at the end. The tail is long, sickle and stretched up. Any color is permitted, but generally Chihuahua is gray, brindle and chocolate.

Character and behavior

The appearance is often deceiving - not only in life, but when we talk about Chihuahuas. Despite the fact that they are small, these dogs have a serious and strong character. In addition, they are charming and have pretty bright personality - the truth is that their size should not mislead you – do not underestimate them. Chihuahua puppies compensate their size with confidence, curiosity and courage, and are proof that good things come in small packages. This is one of the sweetest creatures in the world. They love to be spoiled. Perhaps that is why they are the most popular small dogs.

They love to be the center of attention and can show great zeal if they feel that another animal or person gets more attention than them.

Training and education

Chihuahua learns easily if you start early, but it is a nightmare if you wait 2-3 years. Socialization of the breed is very important. It will provide a calm and balanced nature of your pet.

The Chihuahua is relatively easy to train, but in most cases, requires a bit more patience and perseverance.

If you do not educate the puppy while he is still growing, the risk of later attacks on large animals and strangers increases.

Health problems

Owners love these fragile creatures too much. Excessive indulgence can lead to obesity, and from there - to diabetes and the dislocation of patella.

The life expectancy of a Chihuahua is around 15-18 years - this breed is among the few that can boast such a long lifespan. There are a number of health problems that are associated with the breed - entropy, heart problems, problems with the trachea, low blood sugar, dental problems, sensitivity to chemicals and medicines and the like. Chihuahua bones are very fragile and its owners should be careful not to drop their dog, because it can lead to serious consequences. This is one of the main reasons why the breed is a good choice for families with grown up children.

It is necessary to make sure that the parents of your puppy have OFA and CERF certificates.

Grooming and care

This is one of the most appropriate breeds for cultivation in an apartment. They are loving, sweet, protect their owners and are strongly attached to them.

Because of its lightness and fragile skeleton the Chihuahua is not adaptable to any environment. Could live under different conditions, but is prone to colds. In winter you need to dress the dog with warm clothes to preserve his health. It requires care and should not be left alone in the yard! For raptors it is not a dog, but their lunch.

Despite its small size the Chihuahua requires daily walks. For them, the walk is a way of mental stimulation and satisfaction of their instinct for migration. You could bathe, clean ears and cut nails on a monthly basis. The eyes should be reviewed regularly as their light camber can lead to certain situations and unwanted problems.

Children and other pets

Almost any dog can overcome it, so the Chihuahua is always alert and cleverly avoid any trouble.

It has a strong temperament and can become aggressive if irritated by small children.

Interesting facts

With so obvious qualities, it is no wonder that in Hollywood puppies for sale of this breed are very popular. Among the famous owners are Paris Hilton and Reese Witherspoon, but if we talk about traditions - the very Marilyn Monroe also had a Chihuahua.

Mayans are not the only ancient culture rising cult of Chihuahua puppies. These animals have occupied an important place in the religion of the people of the Aztec and Toltec. They believed that dogs with yellowish fur accompany their deceased loved ones in the afterlife.