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The Polish Hound or Ogar Polski is a descendant of the St. Hubert. According to one theory, this type of Bloodhound was brought in Poland, where it was crossed with local hunting breeds. A detailed description of this breed is found in hunting literature from 19th century. And it was quite popular among aristocracy in Poland, which used it for hunting.

During World War II this breed was almost completely gone, but thanks to efforts of canine Piotr Kartawik, this breed began to revive. In the mid-90s of the last century there were only 112 male and 198 female dogs.

This breed is specialized in hunting mostly big game - deer and wild boars in woodlands. Besides great hunter, it is an excellent guard and a dear family friend. The FCI officially registered it in 1966.

Physical characteristics

The Polish Hound is a medium sized dog with a solid structure and powerful bones. It is more durable than fast. Ears are long, hanging freely down their tops are slightly rounded. Tail stands quite low, during hunting it is raised a little higher. Coat is of medium length, sharp, and lower layer is thick. Body is very dark, almost black. White spots on chest, in lower limbs and on a tip of tail are allowed.

Male dogs are 56 to 65 cm high, and females - 55 to 60 cm. Weight of males ranges from 25 to 32 kg and females - from 20 to 26 kg.

Character and behavior

The Polish Hound is used as a hunting dog and a bloody trail. This is a very balanced, obedient animal that executes the commands without hesitation. It is never aggressive and can be a very good companion dog, as long as it gets enough exercise during the day. It is friendly, energetic and sociable.

This breed is a good guard, but at home is quiet and does not bark.

Training and education

This breed has very good sporting qualities and would gladly run with its master, or would accompany him on long walks. These dogs are easy to train, but you should be careful and consistent. Severity of learning should be combined with praise and tasty rewards. Dogs of this breed love to please its master, so they learn quickly and can get high results in training. The Polish Hound is quite good in foot races, frisbee and tracking.

Grooming and care

Maintenance of this breed is minimal. After hunting you should clean fur from dust, twigs and leaves. It is recommended to brush it every day. Coat of the Polish Hound is waterproof and it is not good to bathe it frequently. It is absolutely necessary, use only dry shampoo.

Health problems

Polish Hounds are generally healthy dogs. There are some cases of eye problems and elbow dysplasia. They are also sensitive to anesthesia.

Average lifespan is about 13 years.

Children and other pets

Unlike most hounds, this one is very calm and docile. It is friendly and kind with all family members and strangers. The Polish Hound is attentive and gentle with children and gets along well with other pets, animals and even cats.

Interesting facts

Due to their amazing qualities, Polish Hounds are gaining much popularity every day. There are 4555 registered dogs in Polish database of pedigrees of this breed. You can find puppies for sale in Germany, France, Czech Republic, Hungary, Turkey, Ukraine, Italy, Norway, Russia and even North America.