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The Black Russian Terrier is a breed created in the forties of the last century in the Russian kennel "Red Star" by crossing many dogs, including: Giant Schnauzer, Erden Terrier, Rottweiler, Newfoundland, Mastiff, Eastern European and Caucasian Shepherd Shepherd. Over 15 dogs were involved in the creation of the Black Russian Terrier breed.

The first Black Russian Terriers could not make any sounds. This was in contradiction with their work of guards. To overcome this shortcoming, crosses were made with different types of hounds. The Black Russian Terrier was created for military purposes and therefore breeders managed to present to the world a dog that is large, strong, humble, intelligent, easily amenable to training and possesses a certain amount of aggression.

In 1957 the first listings for puppies for sale appeared. The breed was not perfect yet, and there were puppies with gray or golden, and tiger patterns. Gradually, the color of the coat was limited to black and was admitted to the breed standard. The dog was first registered in the AKC in 2001.

Physical characteristics

The Black Russian Terrier is a large dog that reaches 66-74 cm in height and about 33-55kg. The hair is thin, thick, adhering tightly to its skin. Its rough coat is water-resistant. The color can be black or black mixed with white hair. The Black Russian Terrier has a strong body structure and alert expression.

Character and behavior

The Black Russian Terrier is energetic, cheerful and intelligent dog that loves to be surrounded by people and be part of the action. Extremely vigilant and courageous, it loves to please its owners. It has a very strong will and like most terriers, has a significant dose of stubbornness. While its intellect and vigor can make games and training easy, its stubbornness spoils the pleasure. Curious by nature, the Black Russian Terrier loves to explore, so it's good to keep an eye on it when you are outside.

Training and education

The Black Russian Terrier reaches maturity only at the age of 2. This fact must be taken into consideration in the training. However, it is easily amenable to training. It understands simple commands, but often refuses to obey them, especially if it is still young. It is recommended to train your puppy with a firm approach, but without using physical punishment. Combine your commands with a kind word and treats.

Health problems

The Black Russian Terrier is a very healthy dog. However, it may suffer from certain diseases, including hip dysplasia, and dysplasia of the elbow joint. It is prone to infections of the eyes and ears. The average life expectancy is about 10-12 years.

Grooming and care

The Black Russian Terrier requires specific care. Its long thick hair needs combing and cleaning every day. It is recommended to cut hair from the ears of the Black Russian Terrier to avoid ear infections.

There is hair between the footpads of these dogs that is better to be clipped, to make walking much easier. It is not recommended to bathe the Black Russian Terrier more often than once a month. After bathing, the coat should dry completely before brushing.

It is recommended to bring your pet to a hairdresser who will shape the hair properly and conform to the breed standard. It is better to check the eyes of the Black Russian Terrier to avoid infections. This dog needs exercise and if you live in an apartment, you should go out with it for long walks. In winter, this terrier loves to wallow and play in the snow. During the warm summer days it likes to swim.

Children and other pets

The Black Russian Terrier gets along well with children and other pets. Raising it with larger dogs that tend to dominate, is not a good idea. This Terrier prefers to live with smaller animals and get along perfectly with cats, since they don't fight for territory.

Interesting facts

This beautiful dog is in 5th position among the rarest breeds. It is known as a Russian national treasure. In the past, a lot of specimens were secretly exported in Poland, behind the Iron Curtain.