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Bassets are a breed of French origin, descendants of Saint Hubert (St. Hubert's Hound), a dog similar to today's Bloodhound. Both breeds Basset and St. Hubert (Bloodhound) pursue, but do not kill their prey. Bassetts was originally used for hunting moles and hares. For the first time the word Bassett is used for the breed in 1585 in illustrated text for hunting. Early French Basset strongly resembled Basset Artésien Normand, breed that exists today.

In France, the Bassett Hound received a remarkable popularity during the reign of Emperor Napoleon III (1852-1870 AD).

The breed was first registered in the AKC in 1885.

Physical characteristics

The Basset Hound weighs between 18 and 36 kg and reaches 28-38 cm in height. His coat is hard, shiny and short, and may vary in different colors, including white and yellowish brown, red and white, and mostly black, white and tan. These low, small, strong dogs have gorgeous ears and big feet, relaxed and sometimes sad expression.

Character and behavior

Gentle and calm, the Basset Hound is an ideal choice for people without experience in growing dogs. The puppy has a “sense of humor” and is a great companion and pet.

The bark of this breed is very characteristic. With different tones the dog shows whether he wants to play, whether he is angry, hungry or just want to get out. Basset loves the company of people and there is no force to make him stop barking for hours from the moment he realized he was left alone at home. The deep bass barking has the perfect impact on the intruder at your door. The Basset Hound seems phlegmatic and sluggish, but it is filled with energy to study the world around him.

The Bassett hound is a loving pet, strongly attached to its owner. With all his heart he will seek to be among the family and even sleeping in bed near them.

Training and education

The Basset Hound is very responsive in nature and is doing well in training. This is a dog that loves to lounge in front of the fireplace, but has a tendency to gain weight, which means that he needs constant training. Sometimes he can be very stubborn. Remember his great love for food - is extremely happy when able to steal something to eat. Although it is relatively easy to educate the Basset with appropriate methods, it still can be a challenge to establish his domestic habits.

This type dogs feel very well in the woods and scrubby meadows, where in the past (and in some countries still) their ancestors had fished for small animals - rabbits and foxes. Worthy descendants of hounds and trackers, they takes the trail at the moment they are out for a walk. Be careful – the puppy can run away and even get lost!

Health problems

The average life expectancy of the Basset Hound is about 10 to 12 years. A number of health problems are associated with this breed – dislocated knee caps, entropy, glaucoma, epilepsy, blood disorders, thyroid problems, ear infections, PRA, problems with the spine. The parents of all puppies for sale should have OFA and CERF certificates.

Grooming and care

Experts advise to bathe a dog of this breed once or twice a month because of its characteristic smell. You have to check constantly the ears for possible infections or ticks, that can be attached during the walk.

The Basset Hound eat three times a day and any lost of appetite is generally a sign that something is wrong - you already know that they are greedy by nature. Do not leave it to overeat! Sleeping and tranquility are other important moments in the life of the little Basset Hound puppy.

Children and other pets

Children are Basset Hound's favorites in the family. He is very careful with small children and gladly play with bigger ones.

The Basset is not a vicious breed and rarely bites.

Interesting facts

In 2003 in the Guinness Book of Records was recorded the Bassett Hound with the longest ears. Their length was almost 30 centimeters.

According to Claudia Bouse she measured the ears of his dog after reading a newspaper article about a dog, who probably have the longest ears in the world. When the book of Guinness World Records contacted her, she already knew that under her roof lives a world record breaker - Jack.