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The Ariègeois is a breed of dogs that gets its name from the Ariège, a French department. Count Élie de Vézins is the instigator of the race, which is born after a cross between hounds, braques and dogs like the Grand Bleu de Gascogne or the Gascon Saintongeois. The Ariègeois physically retained the typical character of his ancestors, but with less stubbornness, less size and more lightness.

The breed is most popular in the south of France and especially in the Ariège area where are situated most famous breeders with fantastic puppies for sale.

Physical characteristics

The Ariègeois is a medium sized, elegant hound, bred mostly for hunting. The well set tail is thin at its end and reaches the hock. It is carried in saber. The skull is of medium width with a slightly marked occipital crest. The muzzle is slightly convex and the same length as the skull. Its fine ears are long and curled. The eyes are brown and well opened.

The hair is short, thin and tight. The coat is white with black spots well defined outline and sometimes speckled. Pale tan markings are present on the cheeks and above the eyes.

The height of the Ariègeois is between 52 and 58 cm for males and 50-56 cm for the females. The average weight of these dogs is 28-30 kg.

Character and behavior

The FCI standard describes the breed as cheerful and sociable. The Ariégeois puppy is calm, affectionate, intelligent and easy to train. This breed is made to live in the countryside and hunting, city life is not recommended for the Ariégeois.

Training and education

Education must begin from an early age very smoothly. Like many hounds, the Ariégeois can be very shy: you have to socialize your puppy with people and other dogs. It should always be treated very gently. Otherwise these dogs are very easy to train.

Health problems

The Ariégeois is a strong dog that has no particular health problems. However, after a day of hunting, always control his eyes and ears because they may be irritated, especially if the dog has done its job in the bushes. Like all dogs with long, floppy ears, it is also subject to foreign body infiltrations that may interfere much if they are not removed in time.

The average life expectancy of the breed is 12-13 years.

Grooming and care

The Ariègeois is a hound with a fine nose and a beautiful voice. It is mainly used for hunting hare and sometimes wild boar. The Ariégeois is suitable for plain hunting in the forest and steep places, but is particularly good in the mountain. Nowadays the breed is more often used as a pet.

The ideal place for your new puppy is the garden. It can also live inside but he needs to do a lot of physical exercise. Thus, if his master is not a hunter, he should take him run more often.

Children and other pets

With his very gentle character, this dog is docile, good with children and other dogs. The Ariègeois is known primarily as a hunting dog but it could also be a wonderful pet, since it is able to focus deeply to his master and is always eager to please him.

Interesting facts

Throughout history, large groups which constitute the primary races have continued to differentiate geographically, bursting into a multitude of derived hunting breeds (secondary, tertiary, etc ... at least in theory). At the same time, crossings could occur with many different dogs. It shouldn't, however, be concluded that the crosses were such that everything was mixed. When, in the nineteenth century, it came to identify the races, before setting a standard and open a herd book, there was little difficulty in identifying animals that spontaneously were recognized as belonging to the race in such a region (like the The Ariègeois).