Small Blue Gascony Hound

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There are four types of Gascon hounds with the same roots. The Small Blue Gascony Hound is derived from the Great Blue Gascony Hound, which in turn is a result of crossing the Bloodhound with old French hounds. Both the Big and the Small Blue Gascony Hound are quite well known and widespread, especially in South-west France. In heart of creation of this breed, whose origins goes back to the Middle Ages, is Count Gaston Phébus de Foix. There is another hypothesis, according to which bishop of the Belgian city of Liege is a progenitor of the breed.

This dog is used for hunting blood trails, mostly rabbits and foxes as it is known for its strong sense of smell. Regardless of its small size, this dog is an excellent hunter of larger animals.

The first breed standard was drafted in 1920 and the breed was officially recognized in 1971. Very quickly their numbers increased and in 1988 over 725 dogs were already included in the register.

Physical characteristics

This dog is medium sized, with a proportional, powerful, but also elegant and dignified body. Head is slightly convex, eyes are round with a gentle, even slightly melancholic look. Ears are quite long - that is a trademark of this breed. Dog's tail is thin and wears it proudly as a curved sword. Muzzle is entirely black. Coat is short, sharp and dense. Its color is black and white with small and large spots, which gives a bluish hue. There are two large black spots on both sides of the dog's head, which cover ears.

Male representatives of the breed are high between 52 and 60 cm and females from 50 to 56 cm. Average weight is 18-22 kg.

Character and behavior

These dogs possess great character: they are calm, diligent, obedient and loyal to their owners. They are loving, resourceful, exhibit perseverance and are particularly effective in hunting, which is in their blood.

The Small Blue Gascony Hound has a beautiful voice and a very fine sense. It hunts in packs or alone and feels very well on difficult terrains.

Training and education

Training and socialization of Small Blue Gascony Hound are very easily achievable, because by nature, it is enforceable and sociable and does not create problems for its master. Furthermore, the dog is intelligent and you don't need to repeat the commands multiple times. Owners should be calm and patient.

Grooming and care

This breed, as well as other hunting dogs, needs exercise and open space. It is necessary to monitor the status of its beautiful ears.

Coat should be brushed regularly to remove the dust, dirt and dead hair. No other particular maintenance is necessary. This dog can easily live outside or inside a home.

Health problems

The Small Blue Gascony Hound is very healthy. It is important to clean its ears. These dogs do not suffer from any genetic diseases or pathologies. They enjoy a long life whicgh Average duration is about 12 years.

Children and other pets

Although this breed is a hunting dog, it can live in any family environment and owners of all ages. It is very patient and gentle with children and could coexist with other animals in home.

Interesting facts

This breed was introduced in Italy by Giancarlo Raimondi, who has trained it to hunt big game such as wild boar.

There was a difficult period for a survival of the breed, because in 1974 there were only two specimens in registers, but thanks to some enthusiasts, the breed was revived and today puppies for sale can be found everywhere in Europe.