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Great Gascony Hound is one of the oldest French hunting breeds. The birthplace is Gascony, where it was brought from the Ardennes in the 14th century by Count Gaston de Febyus Foa. This hound has a dignified and magnificent appearance.

The presentation of the dog as a separate breed was in 1863 in Paris. King Henry IV especially appreciated this breed. These dogs were used for hunting wolves and wild boar. Today puppies for sale are very rare even in its own country France.

Physical characteristics

This dog is well built, possessing strength, elegance and a proud carriage. The breed exists in two versions. The large dog is between 62 and 74 and the little one – between 54 and 68 cm. The weight of the big Gascony hound is about 35 kg and around 20 kg for the small one.

The tail is like a sword whose tip rests in the crook of the hind legs. The skull is convex and round. The eyes are round, brown, trimmed in black. The ears are fine with a slight tapering off and fall down reaching the tip of the snout. The legs are strong and muscular.

The coat is short, dense and tightly with grayish-blue shades. On both sides of the head there is a black stain that covers the ears. The cheeks are pale reddish and above the eyebrows there are two red spots.

This dog has an excellent vision and flair. The voice is deep, some people even find it musical.

Character and behavior

The Great Gascony Hound is a quiet, friendly and loving dog. It is a bold, hard and durable hunting hound. The Big Gascony is used for hunting big game in posse, and small one - for hunting rabbits.

It loves the whole family, but is distrustful with strangers, so you can use it to guard your home.

The sad and gentle expression shouldn't be mistaken with fear, as this dog possesses a great courage. These hounds usually don't attack first, but are determined and brave enough to keep the prey at bay until the hunter arrives.

The Great Gascony Hound is really valuable for finding cold tracks. It is thorough and meticulous, and, despite its slower approach, it is an amazing assistant and delivers the required results every single time.

Training and education

This breed is selected and trained specifically for hunting. But it is necessary to combine games and caresses with hard dressage. They love to learn new things so the education should pass smoothly. If the training does not start from an early age, your pet can become unmanageable.

Health problems

There aren't any specific health problems for this breed. These dogs are not adapted to life in the city, they need exercise and large spaces to stay in good health. The average lifespan of the breed is between 11 and 13 years, but there are cases of Gascony Hounds who lived for more than 14 years.

Grooming and care

You should regularly comb the hair with a brush and clean the ears with a damp cloth, because it is the weak spot of these hounds. Always check the paws and coat of your pet for ticks and other parasites after games or hunting.

Children and other pets

These dogs are strongly attached to their owners and are kind to children. Nevertheless, do not leave your small kids unattended, because the Great Gascony Hound is too energetic and can hurt them.

Interesting facts

The greatest defender of this breed was Baron de Rabelais, who, until his death at the end of the 19th century, didn't allow any crosses with other breeds.