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The Collie Rough is one of the breeds with diverse and very rich in events history! Actually, the story begins in Iceland, where it was created and later brought to Scotland. The rough climate of the country makes the breed very resilient and easily adaptable to different living conditions. The name derives from the Anglo-Saxon word col – black and was finally approved at the end of the 18th century.

At the time, these dogs lacked the current aristocratic elegance. The modern type has been formed and established around 1885. Six years later, the English Collie club validated their standard, which has undergone some modifications and additions over the years.

The pedigrees of today Collies derived from the dog of Samuel Edmund Shirley - Trefoil and Koki - a dark brown male. The first representative resembling today's dog is Chiliman who has distinctive almond eyes, a faraway look, aristocratic elegance and beautiful golden hair.

Physical characteristics

The overall look is proud and noble. The head is long, narrow, wedge-shaped. No pronounced stop (the transition from forehead to muzzle is gradual). The nose is black regardless of the color of the coat. Jaws are with a scissor bite. The ears are high, pricked up, but in the upper third are folded forward. The eyes are medium sized, almond shaped, placed sideways, with dark brown. The neck is long and well muscled. The back is straight and moderately wide. The fur is long, thick and hard, the undercoat is very dense and tight. Coloration is a two-tone (of golden-white to reddish-white) and three-color (mainly black or white and fire). Main characteristic are the white spots on the neck, lower chest, legs and tail tip.

The average height of the Collie Rough is 55 to 66 cm and the weight – 20 to 34 kg.

Character and behavior

The Collie Rough possesses a remarkable courage and could enter into a fight even with wolves. Due to their exceptional intelligence, today there are special dogs who can chase lagging sheep, gather the flock in a group and find lost sheep in just one command or gesture. Shepherds in Scotland traditionally performed annual competitions by these indicators. With great beauty, kindness, calm temperament and exceptional intellect, this Collie is also very popular as a home dog, characterized by greater obedience and enviable devotion. Besides his exceptional mobility, Collie has exclusive intuition, quickly guess the mood of his master and immediately changes his behavior to be in sync with it.

Training and education

Representatives of the breed are susceptible to training and quickly adapt to a family environment. According to specialists, you should socialize your pet in home and bring him to school in order to execute commands at an early age.

Today, the Collie Rough is used as a shepherd dog. With the right training this dog can drift the flock in a certain direction, guide it towards places such as rivers or even veterinary clinic for prevention, and to find lost sheep, goats or cows in the mountains.

Health problems

Collie Rough is a very healthy dog, but is susceptible to some genetically determined diseases such as: progressive retinal atrophy, turning of eyelids, various types of dermatitis, urinary tract diseases, epilepsy, congenital deafness and an extra row lashes that cause serious eye infections.

The average life expectancy is 11-14 years, but some representatives live more than 16 years of age.

Grooming and care

The breed is characterized by an abundance of thick and dense undercoat. It is therefore recommended to brush your pet every day with a special brush for long-haired dogs.

Be careful during the summer months, your puppy may experience difficulties in hot weather. In winter, however, Collie can stand in the yard in freezing temperatures. These animals love to be outdoors, they are extremely energetic and need at least two hours walking and games outside.

Children and other pets

With small children Collie Rough is gentle, caring, patient and dedicated. They easily adapt to live with other dogs or pets like rabbits, guinea pigs, cats, etc. This dog is a loyal friend and caretaker to all kinds of animals in the farmyard.

Interesting facts

From the end of the 19th century until the beginning of World War II the Rough Collie became very popular and business with puppies for sale was growing. This period is considered the golden age of the breed. After World War II the American trainer Rudy Waterwalks popularized the breed, demonstrating to the world his charming, devoted Collie - Lasi.

When attacking an opponent - human or animal, Collie Rough bites the ankles, which is typical behavior and instinct of a sheepdog.