Tibetan Spaniel

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The home of the Tibetan Spaniel, as the name suggests is Tibet. This is a very ancient breed. Its representatives, as well as the Pekingese, were given away in gratitude, but never sold. They were the favorite pets of Tibetan monks who used them to guard the monasteries. They were great watchdogs and family companions. Despite the name, this Tibetan breed does not belong to a group of spaniels. It was registered by the AKC in 1983

Physical characteristics

The Tibetan Spaniel is a little dog with a graceful appearance. It has a beautiful face and moves with majestic grace. Coat is medium long, beautiful and silky. Its small, soft ears surround face and the end of all this beauty is the lifted and fluffy tail. Coloration may be red, black, cream and gold. These dogs weigh 4-7 kg and reaches a height of about 25 cm.

Character and behavior

Charming and sociable, the Tibetan Spaniel is a great family pet and friend. It has a strong will, abundant energy and charm and is suitable for both inexperienced and experienced in dog raising people.

Tibetan spaniels are very intelligent, friendly, sensitive, funny and playful dogs. They build a special bond with their owners and love time spent with them. This dog does not like to be left behind and ignored. Smart, clever and a quick learner, it is a delightful pet. It loves to climb and is pretty fast and agile for its size. Early socialization is required to build a strong and self-confident character in him.

Training and education

The Tibetan Spaniels socialize quickly, they are friendly and very playful. These dogs are sometimes stubborn and inflexible, which can hinder their dressage and a hard and confident owner is preferable. Although some Tibetan spaniels are manipulative, most are good, kind and sensitive. They do not like a lot of drills and exercises, but regular walks and games in secure areas are required.

Health problems

Tibetan spaniels are distinguished by excellent health. They are only prone to problems with knee joints and eye issues. The most common disease is a Progressive Retinal Atrophy, which in most of cases leads to blindness. Average lifespan is about 12-15 years.

Grooming and care

The Tibetan Spaniel requires relatively little maintenance for its appearance. It is necessary to brush the hair twice per week, and more frequently, during molting period. Hair on a chest must be clipped regularly for hygienic reasons. You should check and clean ears of your puppy to prevent infections. Coat falls on average, so the dog is not suitable for owners with allergies.

Children and other pets

This dog is wary of strangers and usually barks at approaching danger, which makes it an effective watchdog. In general, it gets along with children, but does not like to be caught in rough, so it is better when kids are older and docile. It is kind and friendly with other animals, although some females can be aggressive to other females.

Interesting facts

In the 19th century, Mrs. McLaren Morris imported one specimen in England. In beginning of the 20thcentury Doctor Agnes Greig sent to her mother a couple of Tibetan Spaniels as a gift. After that puppies for sale of the breed became very popular in the UK. But these beautiful dogs were almost extinct during the Second World War. Nevertheless, after efforts of English breeders in 1947, the Tibetan Spaniel started to recover. The Tibetan Spaniel Associationwas founded 21 years later,and the English Kennel Club accepted this breed in 1958.