Canarian Warren Hound

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The origins of the Canarian Warren Hound are shrouded in mystery and there are endless disputes about its history. Many experts claim that this is a very ancient breed. Indeed, an Egypt artifacts from 5400-6000 years ago showed depicted dogs with very similar appearance to that of the modern greyhound from Canary Islands. Probably from the same ancient dog originated the Pharaonic dog.

For the first time this breed was registered in the AKC in 1978.

Physical characteristics

This hound has a very specific look - an elongated body, long legs and neck, elongated head with flat skull and very large erect triangular ears. The height at the withers for males is 66 to 72 cm and for females - from 60 to 67 cm. The eyes of the hound are small, transparent with interesting coloration - from amber to caramel. The tail is set low. The breed has two varieties: smooth coated and hard coated. The coat of the smooth haired hound is quite short on the head and ears, slightly longer in the back and under the tail. The hard coated hound's length of hair is between 3 and 8 cm. The coloring may be white, red (Sable) or a combination of the two colors.

Character and behavior

The gentle and loving nature of this hound makes it a very pleasant family companion. This dog is very attached to his owner and enjoys his company. He is not adapted to cold weather and cannot be grown outside.

This is a very quiet, obedient and clean animal. He is a very sensitive dog and while growing needs peaceful and harmonious environment - can easily be stressed from tension and scandal in the family of his owner. Screaming and angry voices will make him feel the most despised and unhappy creature.

Training and education

His amazing ability to jump over higher hurdles (1.5 meters are no problem) means that a high fence is very desirable for the safety of your dog. The Canarian Warren Hound is a suitable choice for people and families who have enough time to be able to provide it with the necessary training, exercise and company.

Health problems

The average life expectancy of the Canarian Warren Hound is about 11-14 years. There are several health problems, including: cardio - vascular problems, thyroid problems, deafness, seizures, allergies to certain drugs and medications. Both parents of all puppies for sale should have OFA and CERF certificates.

Grooming and care

Requirements regarding maintenance of the hound's appearance are quite simple. All you need to do is combing the hair every week. His fur does not fall, therefore the breed is suitable for people who suffer from allergies.

Children and other pets

This dog easily adapts in your everyday life as part of the family and love to be involved in everything you do. He is very kind with children and plays with them with great enthusiasm. Although very sweet and devoted to their owners, hounds from Canary Islands are extremely restrained and reserved with strangers and uncompromisingly defend their home.

Overall the Canarian Warren Hound acts peacefully with other dogs and would accept a cat at home if they were grown together. However, he was born a hunter, and this requires caution when it comes to small pets and wild animals.

Interesting facts

In hunting groups there are only females with one male, because males can not be burnished due to bickering among themselves. When a hunting group has caught several thousand rabbits, one dog is chosen to rest. The Spanish expression "enconillarse" describes this phenomenon.

The most popular breeders, offering puppies for sale are in Spain and France.