Clumber Spaniel

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Clumber Spaniel


Physical characteristics

Long and massive, this dog is only 43-51 cm high, but weighs from 35 to 38,5 kg. His bones are heavier than the bones of other spaniels, and he has an expression of greyhound. This animal has a long snout and large ears, and his big nose can sniff almost any odor. His coat is thick and straight. Clumber Spaniels are mostly white in color with lemon or orange spots.

Character and behavior

Today Clumber Spaniels are mainly used as companion dogs. They are characterized by slow and graceful movements, as well as an aristocratic posture, which is quite impressive for observation. These dogs are perfect for people who lead a moderate lifestyle and puppies for sale are mostly sought by elderly couples. This is quite a rare breed nowadays, which adds even more value to this shaggy pet.

Among all hunting breeds, the Clumber Spaniel is the most peaceful and quiet one. He is a loving, cheerful and quiet pet. Usually chooses one family member to be his master.

These dogs are friendly, social, cheerful, playful, loving - wonderful companions for everyone. They are strongly attached to their owners and all of the family to which they belong.

Training and education

The Clumber Spaniel is easy to educate and does not require any special training. This breed is quite calm and balanced, so over time the leash will become useless. Dressage is a joy for both the owner and the pet itself, because as mentioned, they love to interact with people. They also have an excellent memory and will quickly learn your commands. The Clumber Spaniel responds to calm training, encouragement and praise. Of course, the dog still needs a short course of socialization, so begin to teach your puppy from the moment you bring him home.

Your dog needs daily walks and exercise, loves swimming and playing ball. Lack of physical activity will affect his health. Since this breed is prone to muscle atrophy and rapid increase in weight, you should keep your puppy in good physical shape.

Health problems

From six to twelve months the puppy can suffer from a light lameness, which disappears when the bones are completely grown. A common condition is the so called “impacted anal sacs” which should be emptied by a veterinarian. Also, be careful in the summer - Clumber Spaniels can become extremely hot and dehydrated.

Sometimes, females have difficulties giving birth and may require a cesarean section. Some representatives may also suffer from sensitivity to anesthesia. Clumber spaniels are prone to eye and skin problems, hip dysplasia and allergies.

The average lifespan is 10-12 years.

Grooming and care

These dogs can be safely grown in an apartment, but need regular walks. It is desirable to raise them in places with warm climate. The fur of these spaniels should be brushed every day without exception, ears and eyes should be checked regularly and cleaned carefully to prevent infections.

Children and other pets

The Clumber Spaniel is intelligent and disciplined. He behaves well with other dogs and pets, especially when he was raised with them. Dogs of this breed are friendly and patient with children in the family. They are reserved towards strangers, but never timid or aggressive.

Interesting facts

According to canine specialists, this breed has a total lack of aggression.