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The French Water Dog has been known since ancient times in many European countries. There are several versions about the origin of this breed, but none of them has a clear confirmation.

The capabilities of this dog to swim and other characteristics are mentioned in the early 14 century in literature and art. Most commonly, the French Water Dog is displayed in proximity to lakes and rivers, suggesting its main function. Experts believe that the French Water dogs were the ancestors of many breeds, in particular poodle, Bichon Frieze, Portuguese Water Dog, American Water Spaniel and others.

The French Water dog, or so-called Barbet was formed as a breed at the end of the 19th century. The earliest known standards date from 1894. The breed was close to extinction during the First and Second World War, because at that time having a dog like this was considered a luxury few could afford.

The greatest influence on the formation of the Barbet in 1920 has Les Weller. Later, for the revival of the breed took care, Dr. Vincent, who registered in 1930 the famous dog Arret de Barbet. After his death, the task of preserving the French Water Dog passed to his daughter - Madame Peter.

In 1980 a Kennel Club of the breed was founded in France, and its president became Hermans, who contributed a lot to the rise of the Barbet. The breed is popular in Scandinavia and North America.

Physical characteristics

The Barbet has a medium sized body, covered with long hair in waves or curls. The head is large and rounded with a shaggy beard and long curly hair. It has strong limbs and hanging tail

Character and behavior

Like all hunting dogs, the Barbet is an active dog with an energetic temperament. He likes to use his skills and at the first opportunity will take advantage of his good physical condition and his innate energy. The French Water Dog has a cheerful and friendly nature. This is a highly intelligent animal who loves to communicate with dogs and people.

Training and education

Training of the French Water dog should start from the earliest possible age and you should maintain its education until the end of its life. The training is more enjoyable for the owners because the puppy will easily memorize all the commands and will gladly carry out the set tasks. The Barbet requires constant physical and mental workload, allowing him to maintain a good health. These dogs need firm training, but should feel the kind attitude and respect of their owner. With patience and the right approach, you can achieve much, even success in some sports.

Health problemsThe French Water dog is prone to hip dysplasia, but aside from that, he enjoys good general health. The average life expectancy is about 13-15 years, but it is possible to live up to 19 years.

Grooming and care

The Barbet can be grown in an apartment, but needs regular and long walks. The dream home for this dog would be a house with a pool of water nearby. These puppies are suitable for active families or hunters who have experience in breeding dogs and have more free time to share with their four-legged pet. Maintenance of the fur requires a little more time and it is good to be clipped regularly to not become entangled. Bathing can be done only when necessary.

Children and other pets

The friendly character and fun appearance of the Barbet are favorite for children. Representatives of the breed love small kids. They are kind and friendly to other dogs and pets. And the best part is that they never bark in vain.

Interesting facts

For the first time a French Water Dog participated in an exhibition in 1859 in the UK, and in 1863 the first information of the exhibition in Paris appeared in the newspaper "Illustrated London News", having a picture of a Barbet on a duck hunting.