American Water Spaniel

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The American Water Spaniel is a rare breed of dogs. Its exact origin is unknown. There is evidence from 18 century, which stated that representatives of the breed lived in the farms of the Midwest in the United States and have helped people in hunting. People needed a dog that could track in both land and water while being small enough to be transported.

Breeds that was used to create the first American Water Spaniel puppies are English Water Spaniel, Irish Water Spaniel, Curly Coated Retriever, Indian Dogs, Poodle and the Sussex Spaniel.

This dog was raised mostly to carry rabbits, geese and ducks from the water.

Physical characteristics

The American Water Spaniel has athletic, medium size body covered with curly hair, chocolate or liver colour. He is smaller in size than the in English Cocker. It is assumed that this is the smallest breed among sports spaniels. His body is healthy and well-balanced, and the head is proportional to the rest of the body.

This dog reaches a height of 38-45 cm and his weight varies between 12 and 25 kg. His head is rectangular with round eyes and dark nose. The ears are wide, long with curly hair on them. The coat is medium length and is water resistant.

Character and behavior

The American Water Spaniel is very alert, which makes it a very good guard dog. Sometimes your pet can be act awkwardly with strangers. You should know that this dog doesn't like to be irritated and when it happens, he barks a lot.

Training and education

In general, this is a strong and bold dog who loves his family, enjoying swimming, games and exercises. The best place for an American Water Spaniel is a house with a yard, where he can run and play all day long. The American Water Spaniel is smart and friendly dog. He is attached to its owner and is easy to train. Can be grown in the apartment, but need daily walks. This breed is suitable for active people and hunters.

Health problems

The American Water Spaniel is known for his long life, which gives him some advantages. The life expectancy is about 16 years! The doge is prone to dysplasia of the knee joint, heart disease and eye problems, but his overall health is good.

Grooming and care

It is enough to brush the hair of the American Water Spaniel twice a week to look good. Bathing should be done only when necessary, and shampoo that is used must be soft. Representatives of the breed don't have problems with hair fall, making them suitable company for people with allergies.

It is better to chose the food of the American Water Spaniel carrefully to give him better chance of a long life. Clean water should be available all the times.

Children and other pets

The dog is loyal, faithful and always fun to be around. The American Water Spaniel is an appropriate choice of puppy for both people with and without experience. Dogs of this breed are very good with children and animals, but you should be aware that when it comes to food and toys this dog can become very jealous.

Interesting facts

The are no dogs that are 100% free of causing allergic reactions in people, but there are those who are not pulling their hair a lot and have little dandruff. They are called hypoallergenic. The American Water Spaniel leads the list of these dogs, which is a big asset.