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Kai is a medium sized dog originated from Japan. It is also known under the names Tora Inu (Tiger Dog) and Kai toraken. These animals lived mostly in the eponymous region Yamanashi. The strong affinity of these dogs to run in a pack, and the fact that the area is isolated and mountainous, probably helped to conserve the purity of the breed. It is believed that this is the oldest breed with the most pure blood in Japan. It is extremely rare, even in its homeland and puppies for sale cannot be found in Europe.

Kai is primarily a hunting dog for wild boar and deer, but it is also used to hunt pheasants. The International Dog Federation recognized it in 1982, but the standard was published in 1994.

Physical characteristics

Kai is an athletic dog with developed muscles. Its limbs are strong and the brisket (calf) is very well developed. The head is broad, the muzzle is completely black. The eyes are rather small, slightly triangular and dark brown. Kai's ears are slightly larger than the ears of the rest Japanese breeds. They are triangular in shape and protruding upwards. The neck is muscular, healthy and strong. The tail is strongly curled or curved over the back standing in the shape of a sickle. The tip of the tail reaches almost to the calf when it is granted.

The top layer of hair is sharp and upright. On the bottom layer the coat is soft and dense. Coloration is black with tiger or yellow-red stripes. This gives a very characteristic appearance of the breed and cannot be confused with any other dog. The height is about 50-56 cm in males and 45-51 cm in females. The weight is about 25 kilograms for both genders.

Kai can hunt on any terrain without exception - rocks, forests, water, it is also a very good swimmer.

Character and behavior

Kai is very lively and energetic dog. It is quite intelligent, sociable and very loyal. These puppies can become and excellent watchdogs. They refer reserved with strangers, but are very attached to family members, brave but not aggressive. Kai rarely barks, only when trapping a prey. This is a perfect pet and guard dog.

Training and education

Kai is sociable, but reserved dog and should be trained up with firmness and consistency. These dogs respond better to positive methods. This breed is easy to educate because of itsintelligence.

Health problems

Kai is healthy and very durable dog. It does not suffer from any specific pathology. The breed has an excellent health and rarely gets sick. These dogs withstands cold and heat. They are not pretentious to food. Older representatives can eat once a day - in the evening, puppies - 3-4 times daily.

The average life expectancy of Kai is 12-14 years

Grooming and care

Kai has a top and bottom layer of hair, so it is necessary to comb and brush the coat every day. Does not require any other special maintenance. It has no odor and is a very clean dog. Kai can live in the apartment because it easily adapts to small spaces, but to stay in good physical and mental shape, it needs daily exercise. You should trim the nails once in every 6 months.

Children and other pets

Kai can live anywhere and with any owners. It loves children and can easily adapt to family life. Representatives of the breed gets along with other dogs, especially if they grow up with them.

Interesting facts

In 1934, the Japanese announced Kai as the "living national treasure" because of its ancient origin and purity.

Some experts believe that this dog was imported into the US in the early 50's of the last century, and according to others - much later, in the early 90's.

Little Kai puppies are born plain and the stripes appear later. They are often the main characters of Japanese cartoons.