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Lhasa Apso is a very ancient breed, which is known for more than 2000 years. Home of this beautiful dog is Tibet, where the winter is long and cold and the summer - short and hot. Therefore dogs of this breed equally well tolerate both cold and heat. These beautiful animals lived in monasteries in Tibet, and have also been accepted in wealthy families who grew them as an ornament of the house. In ancient times, the Tibetans believed that Lhasa Apso moved the souls of Lama who have achieved nirvana. Puppies for sale of this breed are very expensive, but in Tibet selling them is forbidden, because it bore no luck. They can only be given away, and only to very close people or dignitaries. People in Tibet believe that Lhasa Apso brings prosperity and luck to its owner. These dogs are a symbol of wisdom and happiness. Their popularity is growing around the world since the 30's of the last century, thanks to the Dalai Lama.

Physical characteristics

Lhasa Apso reaches a height of 28 centimeters, weighs from 6 to 8 kg. This dog has short limbs. The muzzle is about 4 cm long, the nose is black. The head and body are covered with thick long hair in which there are dense lower layer. The coat on the head is so long that covers the eyes of the dog. Lhasa Apso always seems to elicit smiles fondly, because of its beard and mustaches. The ears are not very long, they are covered with hair. The most common colors are white, silver gray, black, golden copper. There are also representatives of the breed, which are tri-colored - usually combining black, white and ginger. The legs have strong muscles, round paws, the pads are covered with hair. The tail is carried over the back and is covered with dense hair.

Character and behavior

This is a calm animal and you can take your dog everywhere. This breed is suitable for people who needs a small, cheerful friend on four paws.

The Lhasa Apso is an intelligent and robust dog that is extremely attached to their owners. They possess a well-developed hearing, which helps them to warn you if something unusual happens outside. Despite its peaceful nature, if exasperated, Lhasa Apso can even bite its master.

Training and education

This is a very smart dog, but with a strong character. If you think you will achieve success by boosting voice or use force, this cannot happen. Lhasa Apso adores his owner and the easiest way to get your pet to execute your command, is to encourage and fondling a good word, and if there is a treat, it will be a pleasant surprise for your little four-legged friend. It is absolutely unacceptable to apply physical punishment.

Health problems

These dogs are famous for their long lives. The average lifespan is about 18 years. Some representatives are prone to kidney problems, eye and skin allergies.

Grooming and care

You should take good care for your pet's fur. Brush it every day to avoid matting and clumps, which is not good for the appearance of this beautiful dog. It is recommended to bathe it once every 30 or 45 days. Use only dry shampoo designed specifically for long-haired dogs. The coat of Lhasa Apso becomes very long, so you need to cut it regularly. It is not a good idea to raise your dog outside - it needs to be protected in your home. The puppy constantly wants to play and if you do not pay enough attention to him, he may become irritable and even to show a certain amount of aggression. Although small in size, the Lhasa Apso needs physical activity and it is recommended to take it outside at least for an hour or two.

Children and other pets

These dogs love children, they are patient, even with the smallest kids who bullied them for hours, by pulling hair and ears. Lhasa Apso easily gets along with other animals, but wants to be the leader of the group.

Interesting facts

Lhasa Apso behaves with great dignity, which sometimes seems comical. Dogs of this breed were guards of Tibetan temples for centuries. They have begun to guard temples along with Tibetan mastiffs. According to the ancient inhabitants of Tibet, the Lhasa Apso symbolizes the power of the Buddha over all species. Tibetan monks were convinced that this dog have mastered the secrets of magic, that he could peer into the human soul and to understand its innermost secrets.